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San Diego Beach Yoga & Hiking Tours

Are you looking for a magical, healing outdoor, beach yoga experience in San Diego?  


Our privately guided beach yoga & hiking tours go far beyond a simple outdoor yoga class to provide a truly magical healing experience in San Diego.

You'll hike the world famous trails of Torrey Pines Preserve discovering the deep peace found within nature. Connect your body with your inner self through a deep, restorative yoga practice on the beautiful beaches of La Jolla.

Let the ocean waves guide you through meditation as you release stress, calm the mind and awaken your soul.

This private tour is an amazing experience for solo travelers small private groups alike.

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Yoga on Beach

 Get San Diego's Best Outdoor Beach Yoga Experience

Join us for a profoundly impactful, soulful and healing beach yoga hiking session in San Diego.  


You'll meet your teacher at the Torrey Pines Preserve above La Jolla and be taken on restorative 3hr healing tour combining epic hiking and rejuvenating yoga on the beach.

As you hike through Torrey Pines, your guide will lead you into a meditative state of forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), allowing nature to wash over you and aid in releasing stress, anxiety and stored trauma.

You'll take your time and gaze at jaw-dropping vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean around each new bend before making arriving on the pristine beaches below.  

On the beach, you'll enjoy a therapeutic Hatha Yoga experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and alive. Bare toes in the sand recommend :)

This healing session is a wholly unique San Diego wellness experience, just as wonderful for single travelers and couples as it is for large private groups.  


Yoga mats, eye pillows and blankets and are included with every session.  All you need to do is meet us there!

50/50 Yoga & Hiking

Tour Length ~ 3hrs

Rate ~ $250 + $50pp


Hiking & Beach Yoga Together

Experience the healing fusion of mindful hiking on the serene trails of Torrey Pines, concluding with a deeply restorative outdoor yoga on the beach of La Jolla.


Awaken Your Soul!

This experience is designed to ignite your spirits, washing away the old and welcoming the beautiful new you.


Perfect for Groups

Private beach yoga tours make for the perfect, magical group experience that will define your time in San Diego.

Meet Your Teachers

Here you'll work with a team of San Diego's top yoga teachers dedicated to guided you to health, wellbeing and deep personal awakenings.

Siobhan Barton

Siobhan is a devoted Bhakti yogini, instructor and sound healer. The path of yoga changed her life and she is devoted to helping others find the tools to change theirs. Siobhan sees asana as an opportunity for our spirit to study life from within its classroom, the body.  She enjoys facilitating sound baths and offering sweet chants and songs after each class.


Shreya Agrawal

Shreya Agrawal is a highly skilled yoga practitioner and therapist with a deep passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. With years of experience in the field, Shreya has honed her expertise in a range of therapeutic practices, from yoga and meditation to cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques.


This Experience is Perfect For You If:

  • You're visiting San Diego and want to bring peace, serenity and spirituality into your trip while seeing natural beauty...

  • You're going through a big life transition (new career, new relationship, etc.) and want to establish greater clarity within yourself...

  • You're experiencing a "Dark night of the soul," a period of change or loss and want discover your peace and purpose once again...

  • You're recently more motivated to shift your life in the direction of health, wellness and spirituality...

  • You love yoga and are want to experience the best studio on earth - the BEACH...

There are some pretty amazing people who work with us.


All ages and levels are welcome. We will customize the session suite your exact needs.


We love working one on one, with couples, and groups of family/friends join who want to deepen their spirituality and inner purpose.

There is ONE thing all of our clients have in common: a shared dedication to their self-growth and wellbeing.

"Amber and Lance guide you along a daily path of peaceful mindful yoga, tranquil picturesque hikes, and yoga on the beach.


They let you create your and peace radiated in her presence and through her mindful yoga. Provoking thoughtfulness with each yoga breath and pose, helping us to understand if we truly emersed ourselves in the moment we can find our quiet place.


Lance’s kindness and laid-back personality made the hike and yoga with him both fun and peaceful. I would recommend this to anyone and can’t wait to do it again."

- Brooke T.


"...Of course, the location was beyond compare. Torrey Pines is supremely gorgeous and unlike any other place I’ve been. Yoga on the beach, with the powerful crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean as our soundtrack, was unforgettable."

- Heather T.


"The yoga was challenging but not overly difficult and I left with new knowledge and ways to deepen my personal practice. The location was amazing-beautiful views of the pacific ocean."​

- Rachel P.


"Lance and Amber created an easy space to breathe and open our hearts to each other"​ - Dale P.

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