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One of the absolute best, most transformative yoga experiences I've had was in a private session with Amber. She is authentic, wholesome, and full of love and acceptance and has the amazing capability to reflect these qualities into the person she is working with. The result is a moving experience that vibrates through your entire being, well after your practice with her. I no longer think of yoga as simply stretching. With the right instructor, yoga has the potential to be a wholesome awakening for your entire being. The experience is deep and powerful and I truly wish I lived closer and was able to work with her on a regular basis, because I have searched endlessly to find an instructor with the ability to vibrate the same impact, and am still searching. Amber is truly, truly amazing.”

~Briena Sash

Portland OR

I can’t say enough about how deeply impactful Amber’s yoga instruction has been in my life. I was blessed to receive her instruction nearly everyday for 3 months while I was living in Sedona. This experience formed the foundation for 6 years of intuitive practice, I am still incorporating her teachings and breathing techniques almost every day. Her beauty and brilliance really shines through her teaching style. The depth of wisdom that she shares, along with the science behind the practice, left me feeling empowered and informed on why this practice is so important for my overall health. I love Amber! I feel so blessed to have experienced her beautiful Presence. I absolutely recommend her one on one sessions for anyone looking to enhance their body awareness and deepen their spiritual practice.”

~Brianne Mott

Mendocino, California 

Look no further.  It is immediately apparent that Amber’s Yoga instruction comes from a place of expansive intuition and deep inner strength. She moves and changes with each unique client - her teaching is easily accessible for beginners new to Yoga, or challenging and inspiring to experienced yogi’s alike. She has a vast well of knowledge not only about Yoga asana, but also the deeper aspects of Yoga, health, vitality, and wellness. Her passion and grace is undeniable - look no further for a skilled Yoga teacher.”

~Ian Keeber

Portland, OR

The Reviews Are In:

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Basically my first yoga session I have ever purchased for myself and it was worth every dollar, including the gratuity I felt compelled to add. For myself personally it wasn't the yoga poses that did it for me. My draw was the breathing and Amber exceeded every expectation I might have had going into this session. To often these days people are so caught up in their everyday lives they literally forget to breathe, I am one of those people. Do yourself a favor and contact this lovely young lady. Just breathe!”

~Paul Fike

Sedona, AZ

I was new to yoga when I met Amber. She is a sweet soul and made the class fun and informative. I really enjoyed how her instructions made yoga easy to understand and applicable to my daily life. Amber is patient and the spirit of the class is definitely a free-flowing and is acceptable for all levels. As I begin to increase my interest in yoga and my practice improved, Amber was able to continue to challenge my practice. I would highly recommend her class to anybody new to yoga or interested in improving their practice.”

~Daniel Meyer

Los Angeles, CA

I cannot recommend Amber enough! She is so educated and knowledgable while taking your every need into consideration when constructing her session. She is an intuitive woman who is able to create an incredible experience for anyone, at any level of practice. My husband and I had a couples session with her and we are both at different levels of ability in our yoga practice but we both left the session feeling amazing. Her class is unique and exciting and both of us felt challenged while also feeling relaxed and renewed. Anyone will be able to find something about her instruction that they love!”

~Alex Ewell

Sedona, AZ

Amber is the most intuitive, calming, and charming yoga instructor I have ever had. I am a beginner at practicing yoga, but Amber was able to adapt to my level and teach me how to find my own limits. Her voice is soothing to listen to, as she helps you discover yourself through her unique and exciting classes. I will be back for sure!” 

~Izaak Ewell

Sedona, AZ

I enjoyed a private yoga session with Amber by the creek. She is fully present, creating a personalized flow of poses that was perfect for what my body needed in the moment. I loved her warm-up exercises… slow, deliberate, focused… Every part of my body felt attended to. She showed me the importance of my breath and led me through exercises that helped me land in my body with more awareness. At the end she guided me through a beautiful shavasana. 

A true treat!”

~Rain Laudisio

Sedona, AZ

Amber lead a phenomenal yoga class for a bachelorette party this last weekend. She was so flexible in providing a fun yoga class to a rowdy group of girls and everyone truly enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone!”

~Erin Benzikry

Seattle, WA

As a beginner Yogi when I first started seeing Amber I was immediately comforted by how lighthearted and compassionate she was with her practice. It's easy to feel intimidated on the mat and this was compounded by the fact that I have injuries from birth that affect my balance and mobility. Amber made sure to customize my practice to suit my specific needs and kept ever very fun, yet informative. I learned a lot about myself and yoga during our time together and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in starting or expanding their practice. 5 well deserved stars”

~Ben Weigel

Sedona, AZ

Amber, thank you very much for a great session and beautiful pictures . It was a unique experience, one of the highlights of our Sedona vacation. We are planning to come back this year, and we hope to see you again.”

~Marek Balawender 


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