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About Vita Pura Yoga

Pure Life, Pure Yoga

Can Yoga Transform Your Life?

Vita Pura Yoga, or Pure Life Yoga has evolved from the dreams of Amber Martinez and Lance Slatter to create a gateway for anyone interested in bettering their lives through yoga.  What began as a tiny, hole in the wall yoga studio in Sedona, Arizona over 8 years ago has grown in Sedona’s number one source for Private Yoga Sessions, Yoga Hiking Tours & Private Yoga Retreats. 


We work with clients from all over the world who travel to Sedona for personal growth, physical practice and spiritual development.  Yoga, the ancient practice of gaining mastery over breath, body, and mind, provides a structured path for personal transformation and liberation.


Here at Vita Pura Yoga, we take pride in providing a yoga experience exceptionally different from that of Sedona studio classes.  Read on to learn about our specific take on yoga and what we offer you.

Sedona Private Yoga With Ambe

The Private Yoga Experience

We only offer Private Yoga lessons.  These are often conducted one on one, with couples, and also for private groups of all sizes.


After years of running a yoga studio in Sedona, we began to see the difficulties that many students, both new and experienced faced in the studio setting.  Classes packed too full, teachers unable to provide their full attention, students being made to feel self-conscious.  The list goes on.  The bottom line is that every student is completely unique in their physical, mental and spiritual needs and studio classes simply cannot provide the best setting for all.


Over time we began to see the immense value in private sessions. Working one on one with a growing client base we saw more rapid development in our private students.  Whatever their goals were, they reached them faster in a private setting.  We found deeper connections in our relationships between student and teacher.


For travelers to Sedona, private yoga provides a powerful faucet to amplify the healing energy of the land here.  Our private classes are flexible, both in duration and scheduling.  They provide an infinitely deep and creative platform to explore the depths of yoga including Asana (physical movement), Pranayama (breath work), and Dyhana (meditation).


You can learn more about our Private Classes here.

Sedona Yoga and Hiking

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

~Bagavad Gita

The Majesty of Yoga Hiking

Our Yoga Hiking Tours are renowned for being one of the top outdoor yoga experiences, and in fact, experiences in Sedona.  Providing wholesome, quality and lasting memories to take home with you.  From enchanted red rock hiking to ancient yogic discipline, this is an experience you do not want to miss! 


Vita Pura Yoga is based around the concept of yoga as a comprehensive approach to life - a true healing modality to assist in almost every situation.

We Teach The Missing Links


"What style of yoga is this?"

This is Hatha Yoga.  Ha (Sun) Tha (Moon).  The father/mother of yoga.

If you are accustomed to a typical western based Ashtanga or Vinyasa class, then be prepared for something a little different.  Amber was trained in an ancient art of yoga, one that is rare to find in the Western flow studios of today.

Flow is popcorn yoga.  No offense.  It is delicious, it is pretty and it may keep your belly full - for a while.  But it is missing the vital nutrients.  Traditional hatha yoga is a life skill, and more so, a life path.


In a private yoga session with Amber you will learn true yogic fundamentals to build your daily practice on.  Every class is a workshop, brimming with rich and practical information.


Our highest goal is to assist you in re-discovering the connection with your own intuitive physical intellect. 


Our bodies are always talking to us.  We remind you to listen to the subtle ways the body communicates, and give it what it needs.

The Power of Breath


Breath work is the integral part of traditional yoga practice.  An element lost in many modern classes, the breath is often merely referenced as a passing remark to keep your focus.  Little is learned about the many varied breathing techniques gifted to us by Indian and Tibetan sages.  


Much research has been conducted in recent years to attest the power of the breath.  Breath work, when done properly is proven to:

  • Elevate moods

  • Energize the mind

  • Alleviate stress

  • Aid in weight regulation

  • Oxygenate your cells keeping your body young, vibrant and healthy


B.K.S. Iyengar stated, "If the mind is the king of the body, the breath is the king of the mind".


The breath is your tool to send messages to your mind and body.  Shallow, stress breathing sends a message of scarcity and can actually trigger your fight or flight response.  Deep, forceful conscious breath work floods your body with Prana, life giving energy. 


With breath work you can actually retrain the physical intellect on a cellular level, reshaping what is possible for your body.


The first step in a session with Amber is not a step at all, but a basic life skill - you will learn how to breathe properly.

Sedona Private Yoga Class Breath Work

Yoga is not merely a tool to get your body in shape, though, through successful and consistent practice fitness will be the natural outcome.  And while physical health is of the utmost importance, ultimately yoga is about unity.  In yogic philosophy it is represented through the unity of the five Koshas (Physical, Energetic, Mental, Wisdom and Bliss) creating one whole self, or, Atman.  The five dimensions of human in perfect harmony.  


  • When this harmony of the self is achieved, physical health is supplied without effort, and spirit can live freely.


The concept of yoga is all encompassing.  When done correctly it can be applied to everything in your life.  Yoga induces enhanced presence in every action.  From the food we eat to the way we interact in the world.  It is a method of aligning and uniting our consciousness with our actions.


Ever more important in our fast moving world, the potentials of yoga as a medicine are nearly boundless.  Yoga is an antidote to the modern world.


Most of us, however, simply want to experience feeling calm, centered, peaceful and happy.  With yoga, you will reactivate your physical intelligence.  You will feel more connected to your-true-self, as well as the webbing in which we all exist.  


Vibrantly alive and fully present.


This is the ultimate gift that yoga offers, and it is available to each of us every single day.

Who Is Our Yoga Right For?


It is for all body types and for people of all ages.


Amber is an intuitive yoga instructor who focuses on the unique array of needs of her students, and in doing so is able to customize a healing practice that perfectly suits each individual.  Amber works with clients of all ages and levels.  


People discover yoga for many different reasons, and often at highly crucial points in their lives.  Wether you suffer from an ailment, or you are in vital health, your needs will always be met with a deep level of sensitivity and understanding.

Who Are Our Students?

  • Anyone seeking to gain mental clarity, physical well-being and spiritual reconnection in their life. 

  • Those new to yoga, wishing to jumpstart their health and well-being without the pressure of large studio classes.  

  • Experienced yogis who appreciate the depth and value of working with a teacher one on one.

  • Visitors and travelers of Sedona wishing to deepen their experience with private yoga lessons.

  • Business professionals of any field looking to gain the many advantages yoga offers.

  • Any individual who has been told that breath work would be of specific benefit to their health.

  • Those looking to free themselves of modern burdens such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger or chronic fatigue.

  • Anyone who does not feel completely comfortable in a common studio setting.

What You Can Accomplish

Who are our clients?


  • At Vita Pura Yoga we work with many incredible types of people.  Many of our students and clients are visitors to Sedona, looking for a uniquely transformational experience.  Our students and clients include:

    • Professional and successful individuals who understand the power yoga provides in life. 

    • Couples looking for a romantic and spiritually empowering way to connect with each other and themselves. 

    • Groups of friends, family or colleagues who want to deepen their connection to mind, body and soul.

    • Those new to yoga, looking to gain detailed instruction before tackling intimidating studio classes.

    • Business professionals who seek the flexible scheduling and privacy of one on one sessions.

Making Travel Easy:


  • One of the biggest hurdles for large groups of people is always transportation.  Managing multiple cars or even busses can be a headache that keeps people from doing the things they want in Sedona.  We make that easy by traveling to your airbnb rental or resort

  • No worries about coordinating transportation.  The yoga class can be held in your space.


Always Perfect Timing:


  • Vacations are busy.  It’s tough trying to coordinate a jam packed itinerary with everything you want to do in Sedona and limited time.  Trying to find a yoga class in a studio that fits your schedule simply isn’t always there.  Let us take of care that with a private class scheduled for you, at a time conducive to your life. 


No Gear, No Problem:


  • We often get asked about yoga mats.  Not everyone can or wants to pack extra gear along their journey.  Leave your stuff at home: mats, props and eye pillows are included with every session.


Whatever Your Skill Level, You’re Perfect:


  • Another worry of many people is that they aren’t experienced enough, or even flexible enough for yoga.  While this may be a problem in some studio classes, private yoga classes are the perfect solution.  Each session is tailored to your experience level with yoga, whether a beginner or a long time practitioner. 

Session Options

Private yoga lessons, packages available in Sedona for both singles and couples.  Discover options for groups of friends, family and Sedona corporate events. 

Available in the comfort of your AirBnB or hotel.

Private Home Studio Lessons, Available for up to Groups of Eight.  Mini Retreats Available for up to Groups of Four.

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