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Sedona, A Land Of Wellness

If you are here, or if you are planning a trip to Sedona, great choice!  As Sedona is one of the most desired places on the planet to visit, And with understandable purpose.  Sedona is not only renowned for it's breathtaking beauty, it is also well known for it's native ceremonial history, energy patches called "vortexes", metaphysical crystal shops and psychics, abundant wildlife, and of course it's attributes of being a healing mecca for health and wellness. 


There is a whole lot else which could be said about this majestic place, like that there is a wonderful community of people here who, while some may seem bizarre, most are quite sincere and sensitive types who contribute to the goodness of life that visitors tend to remember. 


Here at Vita Pura Yoga, we do not recommend practitioners lightly.  As natives ourselves we tend to stick to the practitioners who we personally know and have worked with, and whom we love and feel that full body yes recommending.  The beauty of being a long time local is that we have had the opportunity to establish long term bonds with what we feel, are the very best of them.  We use an intuitive techniques which we have coined as "the purity scan" which tells us when something or someone is going to work well, or if not. 


Any desires one might have to add to their yogic journey or Sedona experience, whether it be massage work, emotional work, energy surrounding subtle bodies, or even restaurant recommendations, please feel confident to ask us.  

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