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San Diego Private Yoga Classes

Get a Premium Yoga Experience Brought Straight to you at Your BnB, or practice yoga outdoors on the beaches of San Diego!

Are looking for a unique, healing yoga experience in San Diego? 


Our San Diego Private Yoga classes allow you to create a totally custom, one-of-a-kind healing experience through yoga just for you.


We'll bring one of our incredible yoga instructors directly to your home or BnB, providing a powerful yet personal private yoga class in the comfort of your own space.


Love the outdoors? Meet your yoga teacher at the beach for a once in a lifetime experience overlooking the ocean.

With deeply restorative, authentic Hatha Yoga you can nourish the body, clear the mind and awaken your soul...

Book a private yoga class in San Diego and discover your own deep inner peace and well-being.


Set Up A Custom, healing Yoga Experience in San Diego Just For you!

Our private yoga classes provide a powerful and totally unique healing experience. 

Each class is symphony of movement and breath, combining Classical Hatha yoga techniques with modern heart and soul

You'll move energy through the body with cathartic Pranayama (breath-work), release stress with deep asana stretching and connect with the universe in guided meditation.

Work with your own highly trained personal yoga instructor, enjoy the comfort of your own space and sink into a blissful yoga experience.

Experience what so many of our students have called the best yoga class of their life.

Get Expert Guidance from Your Own, Personal Yoga Instructor

Have you ever been to a yoga class that moved too fast for you, leaving you feeling playing catch up in frustration? 

The truth is, yoga studio's have to apply a general, one size fits all approach that often doesn't work for students. 

During a private yoga class, you'll have a teacher dedicated to creating the perfect, custom session just for you and your group.

We'll go at your ideal pace and tempo, moving intuitively with your needs. That means that regardless of your age or level of yoga, you'll be able to enjoy the healing benefits of a deep, full practice!

During Private Classes, we take our time, learning about your unique needs to provide the perfect session every time.


Meet Your Teachers

Here you'll work with a team of San Diego's top private yoga teachers dedicated to guided you to health, wellbeing and deep personal awakenings.

Siobhan Barton

Siobhan is a devoted Bhakti yogini, instructor and sound healer. The path of yoga changed her life and she is devoted to helping others find the tools to change theirs. Siobhan sees asana as an opportunity for our spirit to study life from within its classroom, the body.  She enjoys facilitating sound baths and offering sweet chants and songs after each class.


Shreya Agrawal

Shreya Agrawal is a highly skilled yoga practitioner and therapist with a deep passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. With years of experience in the field, Shreya has honed her expertise in a range of therapeutic practices, from yoga and meditation to cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques.


Your Private Yoga Class Includes:

  • An immersive, restorative Hatha Yoga class customized for you and your group!

  • Extended 1.5-2hr session so you can reach deep levels of peace and bliss.

  • Your own private instructor who'll bring the class straight to you or meet you at the beach.

  • Everything you need for the session - yoga mats, medicine blankets & eye pillows!

  • Harness and expand your energy with powerful Pranayama (breath-work).

  • Release stress, past trauma, and negative energy and bring in new insight and clarity.

  • Reach internal tranquility with deep guided meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing.

  • Build bonds with your partner or group as you grow spiritually together.

...All this for the price of your average massage.

Session Rates: $200 First Person + $50 Additional Guests

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