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New Year's Yoga Retreats

Start Fresh this New Year with a Yoga Retreat!

Are you ready to take a massive leap forward this New Year?  


Join of our soul-shifting New Year's yoga retreats in early January 2024.

Guests will enjoy plush, luxury accommodations at a 4-star resort in Sedona, Arizona or San Diego, California.  Wake up each morning in your own private suite overlooking the Pacific Ocean or the majestic Red Rocks.  

Recharge, heal and awaken your power with Hatha Yoga, Breath-Work and Meditation outdoors with sun shining.


Change is slow, but sometimes it comes in leaps and bounds.

Are you ready to step into the new YOU this New Year?

A Luxury Retreat to Restore the Body, Mind & Soul

Every New Year, we have an incredible opportunity to create deep, profound change in our lives.  But let's be honest, actually making those changes isn't easy.  


And every year, the pressure we feel to change can be overwhelming.


So, most fall back in to the same patterns....

We've learned that what people need to really change, to really grow, is an immersive experience that can serve as a launching pad to take you out of the old and into the new. 

At our luxury yoga, hiking and meditation retreats you can finally step into new, healthier, more awakened version of yourself.  The YOU that is waiting to come forward.  

You'll learn ancient yoga science to release stress and anxiety, healing the body, mastering the mind and embracing a soul-full life of joy.

Every New Year's Eve we get a chance to reflect on the old, and decide whether we want to change.


...But this chance only comes once a year.

Will you let another year go by, or will you take a brave leap into the Universe?


5 Day Yoga Retreat in San Diego

January 4th -8th 2024 

*Spaces Limited*


Recharge At the 4-Star Hilton La Jolla

Enjoy full accommodations in your own private, upgraded room with a view of Pacific ocean. 

Medicine Woman Sedona 2-138.jpg

Restore Yourself with Hatha Yoga & breath-Work

Experience the healing powers of authentic Hatha Yoga with Breath-Work and Meditation.


Hike Torrey Pines to Beach The For Yoga

Venture out on daily guided hiking meditations in the world famous Torrey Pines Preserve, concluding with yoga on the beach below.

Hatha yoga in the morning, and then spectacular hike to the beach were wonderful, I left feeling restored, rejuvenated and so so happy. Thank you both for doing what you do with such energy and feelings. It was a blessing for me.

- Patsy T. 
Past Retreat Guest


5 Day Yoga Retreat in Sedona, Az

January 7th - 11th, 2024


Jan 28 - Feb 2nd 2024

Hilton 2.jpg

Stay At the 4-Star Hilton at Bell Rock

Relax in the total comfort of your private Red Rock suite at this plush, luxury resort.


Hiking & Yoga Outdoors in Red Rocks

Experience the healing powers of authentic Hatha Yoga with Breath-Work and Meditation.


Reach Deep Peace with Breath Work

Charge the body and master the mind with ancient yogic breath-work and meditation in nature.


"I cannot put into words how absolutely amazing the retreat was. My life has changed, forever. I find myself so overcome with emotions of pure joy at times that I just break out in tears.

I’m open & feeling better in my own skin… the connection I feel to other people is renewing."

- Jen A. 
Past Retreat Guest

Want More 2024 Yoga Retreat Dates?

We offer multiple options for incredible New Year's Yoga Retreats in both Arizona and California, but don't despair if they are sold out or you can't make those dates! 

Every retreat we run has multiple dates available throughout the year, so be sure to check out each location listing for all upcoming retreat options.

Please note that we limit our events to small groups only in order to preserve an intimate, relaxed and impactful experience for all.  


About Vita Pura Yoga

At Vita Pura Yoga we help people shift and evolve through immersive yoga retreat experiences. 

Our amazing locations are only exceeded by our dedication to healing with true, authentic yoga science.

We've led over 100 yoga retreats with thousands of transformed students and hundreds of 5 star reviews.

We love working with new students. Get in touch with us today!

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