Our Yoga Teachers

Where Heart & Soul Meet Experience & Passion

We've established an amazing team of yoga teachers, healers and guides who support our core vision of transforming lives through ancient yoga science and compassionate presence.  Come and get introduced!


Amber Martinez

Founder & Teacher

Carrying the banner for Classical Hatha Yoga handed down by legendary teachers of old, Amber created Vita Pura Yoga with a simple idea: that a yoga practice is as unique as the individual. 


.  She is an E-RYT (1000+ hrs teaching), gifted healer and entrepreneur who opened her first yoga studio in Sedona at the age of 24. She has been called a breath work master by many of her clients.


After witnessing first hand the immense value of yoga in lifting her out of many life challenges and healing her body from an autoimmune disorder, her approach to teaching became holistic, medicinal and scientific.


From the core of her being, she believes in keeping the ancient wisdom of yoga alive and spreading its gifts throughout the world.  For every individual who gains yogic wisdom casts out a ripple that helps the world evolve.

I can’t say enough good things about Amber. I did a month long series of sessions with her, hoping I’d learn the basics of a good yoga practice. What I ended up with was a whole new appreciation and foundational understanding for the true intention of this work. 

You will not find “drive-through” yoga from her, but what you will find is a true master of her craft. And, if you’re fortunate enough to take a series of sessions with her, you’ll walk away with knowing the importance of your breath, balance, stability, strength and how important it is to smile.

Thank you Amber! I can’t wait to work with you again!

Lance Slatter

Founder & Teacher

Lance Slatter is master of nature meditation.  His passions for yoga, spirituality and mother earth are deeply infused in his teachings. 


After living a fast paced city life during his younger years he left the city bustle to explore the deeper stillness of the world within.  He credits his partner Amber for being his greatest teacher and the wisdom of nature for bringing serenity back into his life along with many beautiful daily inspirations. 


His mission in life is to facilitate the re-connection of the individual and the planet in anyone ready to find deeper meaning in life.


Nichole Cea

Yoga Teacher & Hiking Guide

As an Arizona native Nichole first discovered yoga when she was 17. For 20 years now, yoga and meditation have been an essential tool in her daily life and practice.


An avid hiker, yogi and wellness practitioner she has taken many workshops, retreats and certifications in her quest to understand what it means to be at peace.

In the fall of 2019 she embarked on a 6 month Hatha yoga program which truly transformed and confirmed her mission in life.


She believes that yoga gives us room to be imperfect, to listen to our bodies, and to be observers of our minds' gymnastics.  It's not about the destination but being present with every breath of the journey. The peace we seek is always right here, right now, between the inhales and exhales.

Alongside being a leading presence in Sedona's yoga world, Nichole is also a highly gifted massage therapist (LMT).  

She uses an integrative approach blending hands-on adjustments, fascial stretching, and postural coaching to help facilitate a stronger awareness of the body's sensations.


Her knowledge and awareness of the body through multiple modalities allows her to create a dynamic practice - focused on breath - that everybody and anybody can enjoy regardless of experience.

Scott Johnston

Yoga Teacher & Hiking Guide

Scott was the Founder and CEO of a rapidly growing software startup. An instrumental conflict of philosophy and internal discord at the company ignited a series of personal derailings that led to addiction. Seeing no clear path forward, he just walked away, creating a vacuum in his life; he lost all sense of purpose. 


This void led Scott to India where he studied meditation and completed his Ashtanga Yoga Certificate, eventually leading him to Los Angeles and becoming a Kundalini teacher. 


Now Scott travels around the world, supporting others to go more deeply into the mastery of human evolution. Scott’s approach to human development is anchored in a blending of Eastern Philosophy and Western Cognitive Science. 


Scott is on a quest to empower humanity with mindful tools, empowering people to create lives of joy and abundance.

Scott's approach to human development is based on a combination of Eastern philosophy and Western cognitive science. He loves taking a fun high energy approach to yoga/spiritualism, especially with large groups.


A class with Scott will be like no yoga class you have ever experienced! Your time together will be both joyful and powerful (maybe even life changing).  Together you will release/move deeply potent energy, unlocking your individual personal power.

scott spirit warrior.jpeg