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Sedona Yoga Hiking

Transformative Outdoor Yoga with Hiking, Breath Work and Meditation in the Red Rocks.

Open your heart and awaken your spirit with outdoor yoga hiking in Sedona.


Our Sedona Yoga Hiking tours will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the raw beauty and healing energy of the Red Rocks. There, nestled amongst the mysterious Vortex energy you'll discover deep peace and internal bliss with outdoor yoga, breath-work and meditation in the most beautiful place on earth. 


Release worldly stress, gain peace of mind and even discover spiritual bliss...

Join us for an unforgettable Sedona Yoga adventure that will leave you charged, restored and utterly transformed.

Ready for an incredible Sedona Yoga Experience?

Expand your energy, lift your vibration and gain deep, lasting peace. Reserve your yoga hiking session today.

"Quite simply...this is the best experience that you will ever want for yoga in Sedona."
- Ronald Marcin
Past Student


Sedona's Best Outdoor Yoga Experience

If you're looking for a powerful healing experience in Sedona, our Yoga Hiking Tours provide the perfect opportunity to get out into the Red Rocks for a transformative yoga practice unlike anything else.


You'll embark on a sacred journey into the healing energy of Sedona's mysterious Red Rock Vortexes and discover the deep, profound peace only found in nature.


Every yoga hiking experience is a perfect fusion of 2 healing practices - Classical Hatha Yoga and Sedona's amazing hiking.  


In this private tour, you'll have your own professional teacher & guide to lead you through a stunning desert landscape. Learn about the land and recharge in the vortex energy of the Red Rocks. 


After a gentle, mindfulness-based hike you'll unroll your mat on the earth and gaze out at distant sandstone cliffs while you reach yoga bliss...


How does Yoga Hiking Work?

Our yoga hiking tours are privately led healing journeys. This experience is all about YOU.

We work with single travelers, couples and groups of all sizes to deliver profound, spiritually awakening experiences.


We are one of the very few yoga companies in Sedona able to take groups larger than 6 onto the land and can accommodate 15+ participants.

All you have to do is meet your teacher at the Trailhead. Your teacher will provide yoga mats and everything needed for an amazing session. 

Whats Included in Your Yoga Hiking Session

  • Privately guided, 3hr Yoga & Hiking Session (1.5hrs of yoga & 1.5hrs of hiking)

  • Explore one of the most magical, high-energy trails in Sedona and learn about the sacred land

  • Personal, custom instruction based on your unique needs and level.

  • Mindfulness & forest bathing guidance on the trail to release stress and gain peace of mind.

  • Yogic Breath-Work (pranayama) and Meditation in nature for inner peace.

  • Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls to relax and sink even deeper in to bliss.

  • Yoga Mats provided, along with some special extra's like medicine blankets & silk eye pillows.


Heal Your Body & Awaken Your Soul In Sedona

Many people come to Sedona to experience the beauty of the Red Rocks and the energy of the Vortexes. 


With our uniquely designed Yoga Hiking Sessions, we fuse together the healing power of Sedona with the transformative effects of Yoga.


Something incredible happens when you combine authentic yoga, breath-work and meditation with the sacred energy of the Red Rocks.

Stress falls off your shoulders. The past can be released. Anxiety dissolves and everything feels in alignment...

You suddenly realize that you can breathe deep, clear and easy. You feel the energy of the earth moving through you, charging and renewing.

In this heightened state you are able to heal deep wounds and dissolve the blockages that hold you in place.

Be ready to return home anew.

Hike & Explore Sedona's Most Stunning Trails

With jaw-dropping vistas and serene meadows, epic overlooks and magical fresh water creeks all fulled by the mysterious Vortex energy, Sedona is an otherworldly playground for hiking.

We've spent hundreds of hours learning its secrets, discovering the most special, sacred sites to meditate, breathe and share yoga in.

You'll get a little different experience on this journey. We focus on lessor known, quietly powerful trails rather than over trafficked spots.

We customize the experience to suite your group's unique needs and level, so you'll always enjoy the perfect hike.


What Are The Benefits of Yoga Hiking?

  • Release stress, overcome anxiety and heal past trauma.

  • Greater self-confidence and trust in life.

  • Quiet the chattering mind so you can hear your inner wisdom.

  • Unplug from the constant buzzing of society and discover the harmony of Nature.

  • Gain spiritual purpose and clarity moving forward in life.

  • Discover the beauty and energy of Sedona's incredible Red Rocks!

  • Relief from physical pain through gentle movement, stretching and breath-work.

  • Gain inner-peace with deep, guided meditation in nature.


Want To Include Lodging? Make it a Retreat.

Check out our all-inclusive, luxury Yoga & Hiking Retreats.

If yoga hiking in Sedona sounds amazing but you want to dive even deeper into self care, wellness and spirituality, then join one of our transformational luxury retreats.


Imagine 5 days of bliss in the Red Rocks as you explore stunning new vista's each day, shedding old barriers and welcoming a new, healthier you. 


Enjoy plush, 4-Star resort lodging, delicious gourmet meals, daily yoga, meditation and breath-work in the majestic Red Rocks of Sedona. You will never be the same.

Meet The Teachers

Work with an All-Star cast of Sedona's Top Yoga Teacher's and hiking guides along the journey. Because every session we lead is a custom, private experience you'll be able to gain intimate yogic knowledge with your own personal, dedicated guide.

Minyan Zhu

Studying Yoga in conjunction with functional medicine, Qigong, energy work and traditional Chinese medicine Minyan is an accomplished master of many arts. Excited and eager to share these wonderful modalities of self empowerment with seekers of vitality, hope and integration. 


With Minyan's guidance watch as you turn the impossible into the possible, the challenging into the easy, and the easy into the elegant. 


Ethan Seidel

Ethan’s passion for Yoga began back in 2012 when searching for a way to heal his back pain. After years of resigning himself to chronic pain resulting from scoliosis surgery, yoga was a revelation.


Ethan offers a gentle exploration of the body that is accessible for all levels of experience. The synthesis of different yogic styles provides student’s an opportunity to dive into a deeper awareness of their feelings, as well as the subtle energies of the land around them.


Taylor Kurz

Taylor Kurz is a clinical yoga therapist and a student of yoga since 2002.


Taylor deeply believes in the medicine of yoga’s wisdom and honors it also as an opportunity to come home to ourselves, investigate our resistances, integrate them, and purify obstructions that may have once separated us from the realization of our true nature; the innate intelligence of the great mystery that connects us all. 


"Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Minyan, a yoga instructor of Vita Pura Yoga. Minyan was truly authentic, zen and spiritual. His teachings were truly moving. I myself have rarely done yoga before and I was completely moved by Minyan’s teaching’s.


He went beyond the modern realm of yoga and dug into the true meaning of mindfulness. We did breath work, meditation, mindfulness, and gentle movement. Minyan was surely one of the most authentic teachers that we have ever taken a class with.  He was also super friendly and relatable, making us feel comfortable on our way up and down the hike. 

Taking a yoga class surrounded by the vortex’s of Sedonas’ red rock energy, made this an unforgettable experience."

- Josh & Stacee

Past Yoga Hiking Guests

How Yoga Hiking in Sedona Began

Our Yoga Hiking experiences have grown to become the #1wellness experience in Sedona (*TripAdvisor, 2022 & 2023), but they began humbly with a passion to this powerful, authentic yoga practice and how its power is amplified by Sedona.


For years, whenever I felt stressed or overwhelmed by the demands of the world I would walk into nature and meditate.  The effects that time in nature had on me were incredibly profound.  The stillness of movement, the delicate beauty of sound, the innate tranquility of everything being as it should - all led to me finding a deep sense of peace and connection with both myself and the world.  


Unplug & Connect with The Red Rocks

In day to day life we have so much responsibility. 


We become overworked and anxious, we take shallow breaths and rob our minds of much needed oxygen.  We inadvertently trigger our "fight or flight" response system, flooding our body with adrenaline and cortisol.  I realized many years ago that I needed balance from our modern world if I was going to thrive.  So I did as many have done before me - I sought nature, the harmonious perfectly synchronized innate world.

Through that, I discovered myself, and continue to learn more everyday.

Mother Nature is a great giver, and Sedona has a special place among the world's natural environments.  The striking juxtaposition of dramatic red rock formations across a serene high desert valley provide for many incredible vistas.  It has been said that the farther the eye can see, the greater the mind can dream.  For me there is little more inspiring than climbing to one of these magical views and sitting, legs folded into half lotus, letting my mind and spirit soar.

"I had a truly transformational and peaceful experience. My guide, Minyan, led me to some amazing breath-work where I embodied a sense of inner peace that I have a never experienced...I was able to see where I was keeping negative energy to be released."
-Kim S,
Yoga Hiking Client


Discover Your Own Inner Peace

As my interest and education in yoga grew through years of cooperative practice with my partner Amber I began to experiment with the sacred practice at select, special places in Sedona. 


Some of my favorite spots included stunning points such as Airport Vortex and the serenely feminine Oak Creek Canyon.  I found that my spiritual practice of yoga was dramatically heightened when paired with Sedona's powerful landscape.  My meditations went deeper, my ego was dissolved with ease and the feelings of unity I experienced were beyond parallel.  

When I started sharing yoga hiking with friends in Sedona, the response was as equally profound.  It led me to realize that this is truly sacred medicine.  Something we all innately crave and are aware that we need, even on a sub-conscious level.  


Make Your Sedona Trip Extraordinary

If you find yourself drawn to Sedona, its beauty and mystique, and to yoga, the art of aligning the body with spirit, then we invite you to come join us for an unforgettable experience.

"Our first time in Sedona and our first experience with yoga hiking! I am an average yogi, my husband has no experience with yoga at all, and neither of us are super experienced hikers. I am so glad I booked this, it was the highlight of our Sedona experience!


Ethan was our guide and he was so friendly and just a calm presence to be around. It was a beautiful hike and the restorative yoga session we had was perfect for us! He was also very helpful and informative which was great for us as first time visitors to Sedona. I’m glad we booked this on our first day as it set the tone and direction for the rest of our trip!


The Eagle’s Nest trail ended up being probably our favorite trail we did while we were there. We came away feeling more refreshed and energized than before we started! 



-Chrisy H.

Past Yoga Hiker

Reserve Your Yoga Hike Today

Are you ready to be whisked away on a magical Red Rock soul-adventure?  Book the experience that is proudly called the best outdoor yoga in Sedona by so many.  


Make your time in Sedona so much more than a simple vacation, make it your spiritual awakening.

"This was such an incredibly memorable experience.  My mom and I came to Sedona for a girls trip and had reached out to Lance and Amber for a yoga / hiking experience.


Lance is extremely responsive and detailed and set us up with Ethan (such a gem of a human!!). Red Rock State Park has miles upon miles of trails so it doesn’t feel crowded and feels more private than many of the popular / well known hikes you’ll find in Sedona. And nothing short of fabulous views of all the red rock formations that surrounds the area.


Our yoga practice was personal and restorative with great mobility work and breathing exercises. You truly felt so centered and calm practicing on top of the highest peak in the state park surrounded by surreal nature...I would totally come back and do it again."

-Mary Chris

Past Yoga Hiker


Make it a Yoga 

Medicine Woman Sedona 2-138.jpg

Love the idea of yoga bliss in the Red Rocks?


Imagine how much you can expand in 5 Days. Join one of our immersive, luxury yoga & hiking retreats.

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