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"Speechless In The Best Way."

- Linda King,


"An inner revelation"

I discovered Amber via her website...we were visiting Sedona for several days & I wanted to have an "outdoor" yoga experience in the rich beauty of that area.  Our contact by phone was electric & I could "feel" her spirit & enthusiasm for life.  My request....a couples' yoga session with my husband (a beginner) & me (practicing for 25 yrs)!  Amber's intuitive nature set the perfect session for us & experienced her knowledge of asana, pranayama, dharana & dhyana.  Whenever we return to Sedona our time is always set for a session with Amber.  Each time is an inner revelation.  We recommend her & Vita Pura Yoga with great enthusiasm.

-Kitty Henson,


"Wax on, wax off"

I can’t say enough good things about Amber. I did a month long series of sessions with her, hoping I’d learn the basics of a good yoga practice. What I ended up with was a whole new appreciation and foundational understanding for the true intention of this work. 

-Russell DeHaven

Sedona, Az

"Amazing couples yoga session!"

There is a pure serene quality about Amber. My husband and I are beginner and advanced. Our session went well beyond our expectations. The time flew by. We finished with Couples Acro Yoga! Super Fun! Most of all we left with a feeling of rejuvenation, fulfillment, and Peace. We Loved our session and are practicing together regularly now!

-Denise & Scott Docherty



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Are you ready to rejuvenate in sedona? 

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"one of the best getaway experiences of my life."

- Perdita Leaman

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"My draw was the breathing and Amber exceeded every expectation I might have had going into this session. Too often these days people are so caught up in their everyday lives they literally forget to breathe, I am one of those people...Just Breathe!"

— Paul Fike,

Sedona Az

"The best experience for a Yoga hike ever. I have never done Yoga before. Now after the session with Lance. I will be trying more classes. Namaste"

— Ronald Marcin,

Scottsdale, Az

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Amber Martinez is a Holistic Yoga practitioner in Sedona, Arizona.  She is an E-RYT (1000+ hrs teaching), who opened her first yoga studio in Sedona at the age of 24.  Amber credits yoga for uplifting her life, and healing her body not only from an autoimmune disorder, but 2 challenging pregnancies.  After seeing first hand through her studio the therapeutic power of detailed, holistic one on one sessions, Amber began teaching private yoga exclusively.  From the core of her being, she believes that every individual who gains yogic wisdom casts out a ripple that helps the world evolve.


Lance Slatter is master of nature meditation.  His passions for yoga, spirituality and mother earth are deeply infused in his teachings.  After living a fast paced city life during his younger years he left the city bustle to explore the deeper stillness of the world within.  He credits his partner Amber for being his greatest teacher and the wisdom of nature for bringing serenity back into his life along with many beautiful daily inspirations.  His mission in life is to facilitate the re-connection of the individual and the planet in anyone ready to find deeper meaning in life.


Partners in life and business for 10 years, Lance and Amber form the foundations of Vita Pura Yoga, which literally translates to Pure Life Yoga.  The aim is simple: practice the art of yoga, apply it to everything and watch the flowering of your life unfold with joy.


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