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Are you ready To Elevate your Corporate Event?

Corporate Yoga

We work with corporate groups of all sizes To Create The Most Impactful and empowering Yoga Experience Possible in Sedona.

Private Yoga


Schedule a specialized, private yoga workshop during your next team building retreat in Sedona, AZ.  

We work with many of the local high-end resorts and can easily accommodate groups of all sizes.

Inquire today to learn more.

Recurring Yoga Classes

Set up regular weekly or monthly yoga classes for your company right in the comfort of your office or conference room.

Yoga in the corporate world is a blossoming idea that shows forward thinking and progressive action for your company.  

When your employees are happy, your vision flourishes.

How Corporate Yoga Works

Did You Know That Incorporating Yoga Practice in the Workplace Can Improve Employee Productivity? 


When we feel good, and often, relaxed, we tend to function better in our daily lives and activities.  It is said by today's business standards that at least 50% of employee medical needs are lifestyle related.  What this means, in effect, is that these medical issues are preventable by encouraging a healthier lifestyle and workplace environment.  In this way it may be said that preventative medicine also makes for the most affordable medicine.  Simply put, it is an investment in our future - and quite possibly the most important investment we can make.


When it comes to stress reduction, physical health and total wellness you'll be hard pressed to find a modality as proven and effective as yoga.  Yoga can not only aid in healing from a multitude of ailments, but also makes for one of the most widely respected forms of preventative medicine available to us.  Through careful instruction and dedicated practice, yoga makes for a wonderful ally for preventing an array of stress related diseases and employee burnout. 


On top of that, yoga is also a wonderful bonding modality for partners, families, friends, and corporate team members.  It is well understood by many successful corporations the importance of harmony in the workplace.  We all know what a bummer it is to have employees who do not get along with one another.  Maybe even team members who are not always so graceful with clients and customers.


When we practice yoga and meditation, we tend to innately also treat others better.  Isn't that a nice thought?  The idea of CEO's and Employees alike, practicing yoga in unity with one another, releasing oxytocin, creating deeper, lasting bonds that could potentially make the work environment a more harmonious place.  Not only harmonious to workers, but also to clients and customers who often pick up on employee happiness.  


In today's world, employee happiness has never been more important.  If you are interested in enhancing employee health and happiness, you may want to consider yoga and meditation for your next company retreat or Sedona workshop.  We are the best because no matter what size group we are working with, and no matter what skill level, we can accommodate the unique needs of all.   That is what we do, and if we may subtly boast, we rock at it!

About The Teacher

Amber Martinez (E-RYT) has been a major figure in the Sedona yoga world since she opened her first studio here in 2011.  Since then, she has gone on to work exclusively as a private, on-demand yoga teacher for VIP's, corporate groups and those looking for world class yoga instruction and professionalism. 


She is widely sought after to produce private events at select venues in Sedona and the greater Northern Arizona area.  Her spirituality is deeply integrated in her teachings and is accessible to all, regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation. 


One of Amber's greatest ambitions is to integrate yoga more fully into the corporate world where big name companies may have a powerful impact on the planet.  For we believe that the more conscious and yogic these corporations become, the more they and us may benefit.  


Amber's greatest wish is to see the world embrace the idea that when equality is of mind and heart, there is truly only gain.  

"Amber has a beautiful soul that radiates to everyone! She is patient (it was 11 southern girls from 17 to 70) and kind...the session lasted longer than expected because everyone wanted a little one on one time with her."

- Leslie Smith, Real Estate Group

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