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Sedona Yoga & Hiking Retreats

Recharge, Heal and Discover Profound Peace in Sedona, Az this 2023.

Discover deep, lasting peace at our 5 day yoga & hiking retreat in Sedona.
This immersive yoga retreat offers you the chance to renew, expand and connect with your inner-self.
Enjoy plush, 4-star resort lodging, upscale daily meals and an empowering, transformational regimen of restorative hiking with outdoor yoga and Breath Work amidst the stunning beauty of the Red Rocks. 

Ready For Your Retreat?

If you know that you're ready for a serious re-boot, this is your chance.


Reserve your spot today!

Check Out Upcoming Retreat Dates!

Due to high demand spots often fill quickly and are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

Summer Dates

  • August 20 - 24th (Sold Out)

  • September 10 - 14th (3 Spots Left)

Fall Dates

  • Oct 1 - 5th (Few Spots Left)

  • Oct 15 - 19th

  • Oct 29 - Nov 2nd

  • Nov 19 - 23rd (Few Spots Left)

Winter Dates

  • Dec 3 - 7th

  • Dec 17 - 21st

  • Jan 7 - 11th (New Years!)

  • Jan 28 - Feb 2nd

Embark on an Adventure of the Soul

As the world has grown so has the demands placed on the average person. The intense level of responsibility and pressure resting on modern individuals has never been higher...

...Unchecked, this can begin to weigh upon you like an anchor, leading to burnout and illness...

At our luxury yoga & hiking retreats in Sedona, we teach powerful yogic skills needed to not simply manage, but to overcome daily challenges so that you can meet life with a smile ebbing from deep, profound inner peace and purpose.

During this 5 day, immersive adventure you'll nurture your mind, body and soul in the healing energy of Sedona. Each day, you'll journey out on majestic, mindfulness based hikes with soul-charging yoga in the world's greatest studio - the Red Rocks!


Recharge to the fullest and enjoy a touch of luxury as you stay at a 4-star resort and find the time you truly need for self-care and personal reflection.

Under the careful guidance and healing hands of Sedona's top teachers, you'll learn new yogic based skills in mindset, inner-work and spirituality.

Even if you are new to yoga and wellness, this retreat is a launching point from which you can take your life to the next level.

IMG_8723 Tree-Arms-Extended.jpg

Retreat Highlights:

  • 5 Days/4 Nights @ the Hilton Resort @ Bell Rock (Private King/Queen Suite).

  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast & lunch each day at the upscale Shadowrock Grill.

  • Daily trips to Sedona's most powerful, beautiful and healing high energy spots for outdoor yoga.

  • Deeply restorative and empowering Hatha Yoga and Breath-Work sessions in the Red Rocks.

  • Guided mindfulness hiking and forest bathing along Sedona's most spectacular trails.

  • Intentional Journaling and self reflection to get in touch with your inner-self.

  • Free time to relax, unwind and explore Sedona's charming shops or visit the on-site Spa.


Retreat Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive in Sedona!

  • 4pm - Check In @ The Hilton Bell Rock

  • 4:15pm - Meet and Greet

  • 4:30-5:30pm - Sunset Stroll & Meditation

  • 5:30pm - Grounding Circle and Intentions

  • 6pm - Rest, Relax & Grab Dinner


Day 2 - Releasing The Past

  • 6:30am - Breakfast at the ShadowRock

  • 8am - Yoga Hiking in The Red Rocks (Eagles Nest)

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3 - 5pm - Hatha Yoga & Breath Workshop

  • 5:30pm - Free Time to Explore & Dine Out


Day 3 - Living in the Present

  • 6:30am - Breakfast at the ShadowRock

  • 8am - Yoga Hiking in The Red Rocks (Amitabha Stupa)

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3 - 5pm - Hatha Yoga & Breath Workshop

  • 5:30pm - Free Time to Explore & Dine Out


Day 4 - Welcoming The New

  • 6:30am - Breakfast at the ShadowRock

  • 8am - Yoga Hiking in The Red Rocks (Secret Trail)

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3pm - Closing Yoga Workshop

  • 5pm - Share Circle & Reflection

  • 5:30pm - Free Time to Explore & Dine Out


Day 5 - Goodbyes :-)

  • 6:30am - Breakfast at the ShadowRock

  • 8am - Last Morning Free Time

  • 10am - Time to Pack

  • 11am - Check Out

*This a Preview Itinerary and is subject to minor seasonal changes, based on weather, etc.

This Retreat is Perfect For You If:

  • You're a successful, busy professional who understands the value of taking time to recharge...

  • You're going through a big life transition (new career, new relationship, etc.) and want to begin this chapter with spiritual alignment...

  • You're experiencing a "Dark night of the soul," a period of change or loss and want discover your peace and purpose once again...

  • You're recently more motivated to shift your life in the direction of health, wellness and spirituality...

  • You're looking for a once in a lifetime wellness trip to Sedona, and want to be guided through a unique, luxury transformational journey...

There are some pretty amazing people who take their retreat with us. We welcome participants of all ages but often work with a mature, professional crowd ages 30's - 60's (and even some adventurous 70's!).


The majority of participants are solo travelers, many taking a retreat for their very first time! We also love having couples, and family/friends join who want to deepen their bonds through a shared experience.

There is ONE thing all of our clients have in common: a shared dedication to their self-growth and wellbeing.


You'll find a supportive, fun and nurturing environment here. A big part of our retreat secret sauce is the healing that comes from making powerful connections with the other guests during the journey. 


What Do Students Say?

So many who have joined our retreats have experienced powerful breakthroughs, new visions and inner-healing.  Get to know the retreat from the inside out with first hand interviews from past guests.

Maria G.

-Past Retreat Guest

Hoa M.

- Past Retreat Guest

Jessica C.

- Past Retreat Guest

"This was the first time I went on a yoga retreat and my first time in Sedona. I went solo...They are the kindest souls. And they are experts at what they do. Every day they guided us in learning new ways to breathe, to stand, to move, and basically, to be present. The hiking, yoga, meditation, as well as sharing amongst the group was precious. I needed this mind and body reboot so much. I plan to attend another retreat with them later this year."

- Marian

Past Retreat Guest


Discover Deep Peace with Yoga Hiking in Sedona

The vast, powerful vortex energy of Sedona has become famous for helping many to achieve deep healing and spiritual awakenings.

We harness this energy through a specially designed practice fusing together mindful hiking with outdoor yoga, breath-work and meditation.

With daily group excursions to some of Sedona's most beautiful, spots (both known and more secret) we invite you to drop the spinning plates and discover your natural state of peace and tranquility - the state found in nature.

Discover the bliss of being fully present in the moment and tap into the deep wellspring of love and wisdom of the universe. As you weave a trail through the ancient Red Rock sandstone, you'll traverse the path to your true inner self.

These daily sessions range 3-4 miles in length with a full 90 minute outdoor yoga class. Hikes are carefully designed to be a soul-nurturing experience accessible to any age and level. 

Learn Yogic Tools to Supercharge Your Wellbeing

Every year, more people are drawn to yoga for its immense health and wellness benefits. But beyond the physical, yoga provides a deeply layered path to the inner workings of the self, showing you the way to truth and purpose.

But with so many different styles and variations in the world, it has now become increasingly difficult to find true, authentic yoga teachings. 

At our Retreats, we share only traditional, time-honored Hatha yoga practices. These foundational techniques sew together your mind and body with your spirit, allowing you to live in state of wholeness and alignment.


With in depth daily workshops, you'll learn gentle, restorative asanas and sacred Pranayama (breath-work) to clear the mind and energize the body. You'll dive deep within yourself, releasing past trauma and tension through healing guided meditations.

These daily workshops last a generous 2 hours in length, allowing you to go deeper than ever before. And the best part? You'll supercharge your practice with the energy of Sedona's Red Rocks all around you.


Recharge with 5 Days Stay at the Hilton Resort at Bell Rock

We've arranged for only the best, 4-star resort lodging and food, all included in this retreat.

Nestled at the base of the Red Rocks in a quiet and peaceful stretch of Sedona, the Hilton Resort at Bell Rock is your home for rejuvenating 5 days.

Relax in the comfort your own spacious Private Suite (private rooms are a standard here).

Nourish the body with artfully crafted meals at the upscale ShadowRock Grille, with a daily Breakfast & Lunch included.


During free time relax and enjoy the resort's multiple swimming pools, jacuzzi's and a full service spa.  Dive even further into self care with a massage or get a numerology reading during free time.

Despite being a full service resort, you'll find small town charm and hospitality here, making this spot the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Launch into the New You

How quickly can you create powerful, positive change and growth in your life?  


The answer is just a moment.


That's all it takes to make a decision that can re-route your course, aligning with your deeper purpose.  


Now, imagine how much you could expand if you spent 5 magical days in a beautiful, healing land, surrounded by supportive teachers and caring peers?

Its time to step out of your routine and leave the comfort zone behind...


...Its time to step into the new you!

Meet Your Teachers

Optimize your wellbeing under the watchful eye of Sedona's best yoga teachers & guides.  Our retreat leader's combine expert yoga guidance and knowledge of the land with heart, soul and laughter for an enlightening & enlivening experience.

Minyan Zhu

Studying Yoga in conjunction with functional medicine, Qigong, energy work and traditional Chinese medicine Minyan is an accomplished master of many arts. Excited and eager to share these wonderful modalities of self empowerment with seekers of vitality, hope and integration. 


With Minyan's guidance watch as you turn the impossible into the possible, the challenging into the easy, and the easy into the elegant. 


Ethan Seidel

Ethan’s passion for Yoga began back in 2012 when searching for a way to heal his back pain. After years of resigning himself to chronic pain resulting from scoliosis surgery, yoga was a revelation.


Ethan offers a gentle exploration of the body that is accessible for all levels of experience. The synthesis of different yogic styles provides student’s an opportunity to dive into a deeper awareness of their feelings, as well as the subtle energies of the land around them.

"I had such a transformative experience! They are such amazing people and will do anything they can in order to make sure you have a wonderful time.


I guarantee anyone fortunate enough to attend one of their retreats will have an experience equal to or even greater than mine."


- Jessica C, Past Retreat Guest

Make Lifelong Friends

When you undertake the yogic journey, you undertake a journey towards a grand reunion - the reunion of the material self with your spiritual self.  

Embark on this journey towards wholeness with a group of dedicated, like-minded peers who have a tendency of becoming family by the trip's end.

We keep our groups small and intimate to facilitate deep, lasting friendships. Come and meet your soul family.


What Makes our Sedona Retreats So Special?

With so many yoga retreats to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin - especially if this is your first retreat.

We separate our experiences from the rest by offering a standard of heart and excellence.


While many yoga retreats will pack people together in rooms like sardines, we offer only the finest accommodations and private rooms for your comfort.

Where other experiences may offer only short trail hikes and simple yoga classes, rushing through the experience - we go slow and dive deep with immersive, guided hikes to Sedona's best locations and invigorating, workshop style yoga sessions.


In short, we not only want to show you an amazing time in Sedona, we want to share with you a transformational experience that can help lift you to greater heights in your life.

"One of the greatest things my husband and I have ever done. It was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend them to everyone!"

Katherine Jones,

Jackson, WY


I Want to Join This Retreat, BUT...

...I'm traveling solo. Will this retreat be safe?

A:  Yes! Our retreats are designed to be a very safe container for you dive into your self-growth and experience big personal growth.And you'll do so while enjoying total comfort and privacy with your own room at a luxury resort. In fact, most of our guests are solo travelers! 


...I'm new to Yoga. Will I be able to enjoy the practice?


A:  Absolutely! This retreat is perfect for beginners as well as advanced levels. We slow the practice down, focusing on the inward experience vs. how far you can stretch. We also customize each retreat based on the group.

...I'm thinking of joining a Summer Retreat. Won't it be too hot in Sedona?

A:  Sedona does get hot in the summer, but it is actually one of our favorite times of year. We adjust the schedule, getting out for hikes earlier in the mornings and later in the evenings to be beat the heat. If you're lucky, you might even see a desert monsoon!

...I've heard Sedona is hard to get to. Is this true?

A:  Thanks to becoming one of the top travel destinations in the world, Sedona is actually now very easy to get to. Most of our guests fly into the Phoenix Airport. From there, you can take take the 24hr shuttle service by Groome Transportation. It'll drop you off right at the resort :-)

"Wow! What an amazing adventure! The yoga was so healing...I feel so refreshed and ready to continue my spiritual journey as I only started yoga a short few months ago. If you're a beginner like me or have been doing yoga for sometime this retreat is perfect for all levels."

- Lisa.

PAST Retreat Guest

Want a Preview? Check out past retreat photos

How AMAZING Are You Going To Feel After This Retreat?

Are you going to have the energy and confidence to push forward with BIG new life changes?

Will you finally enjoy the fulfillment of deep, complete self love and inner-peace?

Are you going to see the world with beautiful new eyes, living at a heightened state of being?

Well, according to so many of our past guests, yes, yes, and yes!

Then the only questions is, what are you waiting for?!

Take the leap on something magical for yourself. You deserve it!


5 Day Luxury Sedona Yoga + Hiking Retreat 

Retreat Includes:

  • 5 Days / 4 Nights in your own Private Suite at The Hilton at Bell Rock Resort & Spa.

  • Restorative + Epic Yoga Hiking daily in the Red Rocks.

  • Deeply Nourishing outdoor Hatha Yoga workshops

  • Sacred Pranayama (Breath Work) & Meditation to release the past and bring you into the blissful present.

  • Guided trips to the Best Trails and Vistas in Sedona for yoga.

  • Delicious Daily Breakfast & Lunch at the ShadowRock Grille

  • Opportunities to Connect With Amazing People & Make Strong Friendships.

  • Free Time to Explore Sedona, crystal shop, Book a Massage or Relax.

Many Luxury retreats charge upwards of $6000+ for a stay like this...


But you can book our Sedona retreat today for just:


*SPECIAL: Bring a friend or spouse and get $1000 off the total for 2!

Want to join but have a question? Contact us here. We'll get back within 24hrs.

Sedona Retreats Book

"I was miraculously guided to book a retreat with Vita Pura Yoga. From the moment of first contact in inquiring about their special retreat I was treated in a special way, and it continued through a reflective and zen weekend...Vita Pura Yoga offered a luxury retreat in Sedona in January with a beautiful accommodation at the Hilton Red Rock Hotel. The package included daily hiking on amazing trails with yoga in the morning and then hatha yoga sessions in the afternoon. Wonderful attention to detail included a beautiful shuttle to pick you up at the hotel, breakfast & lunch at the hotel, trail hikes with unbelievable vistas, beautiful welcome basket with a yoga blanket/lavender eye pillow/lovely journal, surprise live musical 4 piece assemble at the last yoga session and glass of champagne to celebrate our completion of their serene retreat.


I prayed for peaceful journey somewhere to start 2022 and my prayers were answered...If you need a reset in your life a Vita Pura Yoga retreat is a must."

- Rosanna

Past Retreat Guest


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