5 Days In Sedona:


& 1/27-31/22

Sedona Yoga & Hiking Retreats

Immerse Yourself

Soaring Red Rocks tower above as you connect your feet with the earth on our 5 Day Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Sedona.  Ancient, sacred energy from the planet nourishes your body, mind and soul.  Your breath moves like the winds of a hurricane, cleansing the mind, cathartic and enlivening.  


Separation between the layers of the self dissolves as you explore powerful asanas coming into perfect, harmonic alignment.  You feel it.  Deep, real, true peace.  The kind that never leaves you.


How do you want to live your life?  The world is in upheaval, fear and confusion abound.  There has never been a more important time to choose your state of being.  You have the power to create the experience of your dreams.  Come and join us in the magic healing space that is Sedona for a yoga and hiking retreat unlike any other.

Breathe in the new you.

You deserve to feel whole, complete and empowered. You deserve to leap over life's challenges with grace and ease.  Through deep intention, careful instruction and these sacred, ancient yoga practices, we will give you the tools.


Immerse yourself in a world of wellness as you focus purely on your self-development.  Release stress and fear, boost your bodily systems and feel the joy of a healthy connection with your inner self.

Whether you are new to yoga or a lifelong yogi, we work only with students who are ready to embrace growth and change.

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Explore Magical Trails with Yoga Hiking

Sedona.  Towering formations of deeply hued sandstone rise above as you connect your feet with the earth.  The mysterious energy of the vortexes swirls around you, lifting your spirits to higher states of consciousness.


Unplug and develop mindfulness with a forest bathing experience to rejuvenate the soul.  We weave a trail through ancient sandstone, just as you traverse the path of the inner self.

As we reach the pinnacle of the hike, unroll your yoga mat for a full length yoga, breath work and meditation class on the clifftop overlooking Sedona.

Find your bliss with yoga in the Red Rocks.

Compassionate, extended 90 - 120 minute Hatha yoga classes held outdoors in the morning and evening will guide you to inner peace.


Study a powerful yet gentle yoga true to its roots.  Learn sacred Pranayama (breath work) to cleanse the mind and enliven the body. Meditate to the sounds of nature and Tibetan singing bowls as you drift towards samadhi. 


The best part?  Every yoga class will be held completely outdoors in nature's studio - the most beautiful one on earth. 


The stunning Red Rocks of Sedona play host to each class.  Go barefoot, connect with the earth and remember your natural state.


5 Days / 4 Nights Stay at the 4-star Hilton Resort at Bell Rock

Nestled at the base of the Red Rocks in a quiet and peaceful stretch of Sedona, the 4-Star Hilton Resort at Bell Rock is our home for 5 days.

Luxurious and comfortable, this sprawling resort features spacious suites, multiple swimming pools, jacuzzi's and a full service spa.

Enjoy artfully crafted meals at the contemporary ShadowRock Grille, grab a massage or get a numerology reading.

During free time in the evenings, walk to an assortment of nearby restaurants and shops for a taste of Sedona's arts and culture.

Masterful Yoga Instruction

Meet The Teachers

Amber Martinez

Amber is a true teacher's teacher, with over 10 years of experience empowering hundreds of lives with her uniquely reverent approach to the ancient roots of yoga. Teaching privately, she is highly sought after and has worked with the leaders of some of America's most successful companies.  Read Amber's incredible journey here.


Lance Slatter

Lance's passion for spirituality is imbued in his teachings which harness the centering power of nature with the unifying aspects of yoga. Compassionate, gentle and quick to laugh, Lance's yoga hiking sessions deliver lasting spiritual bliss and peace of mind.


"Amber's role as instructor reaches far beyond her expertise in the field of yoga. Her warm and gentle guidance has made her a trusted source for me to help navigate not only the world of yoga but the journey of life itself. Even now, weeks after the retreat has ended, I find myself turning to her for advice and I'm sure I will for years to come.


Lance exudes kindness and love and I always felt truly safe and at peace in his presence while being guided through the mystical and magical red rocks of Sedona. Together, they created a safe place for me to look deep within and gave me the tools I needed to do so. I will carry this experience and what I learned from it with me forever. "


- Lauren A, Past Retreat Guest

Experience deep connection.

When you undertake the yogic journey, you undertake a journey towards a grand reunion - the reunion of the material self with your spiritual self.  

Embark on this journey towards wholeness with a group of dedicated, like minded peers who have a tendency of becoming family by the trip's end.

We keep our groups small and intimate to facilitate deep, lasting friendships. Come and meet your soul family.

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We limit our retreats to small number of participants to keep the experience intimate, relaxed and exclusive.  Spaces do fill up fast.  Reserve your spot today!


Retreat Highlights

Where the Magic Is

Blend deeply healing, soul-nourishing yoga classes with mindful hiking set amongst the world famous Red Rocks of Sedona.  Stay in a luxury resort with your own large, private suite.  Treat yourself to delicious meals in a fabulous contemporary restaurant.  Meet an incredible group of like-minded individuals.  Return home anew.

  • 4 nights stay in a beautiful, luxury 4-Star Resort.

  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch at the Shadowrock Grille.

  • An empowered, loving focus to release fear.

  • Incredible outdoor setting for yoga and meditation classes.

  • Small, intimate groups allow for deep connection and lasting friendships.

  • Study a rare, ancient and empowering yoga practice.

  • Caring, heart-centered guides who are there to support you.

  • Invigorating Pranayama (breath-work) to jumpstart your system.

  • Mindful hiking and outdoor yoga in the majestic Red Rocks.

  • Free Time to explore Sedona, book a massage or simply relax and meditate.

"One of the greatest things my husband and I have ever done. It was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend them to everyone!"

Katherine Jones,

Jackson, WY


PREVIEW Retreat Itinerary


Day 1:


  • 4pm Check In @ The Hilton Resort

  • 4:30pm Settle In, Relax & Grab a Bite

Day 2:

  • 7 - 8am Gourmet Breakfast at the Resort

  • 9am Nourishing Hatha Yoga at The Pavilion

  • 11:00 Meditation & Reflection

  • 12pm Tasty Lunch at the Resort

  • 2pm Sunset Yoga Hiking in the Red Rocks

  • 5:30pm Free Time to Relax & Dine Out

Day 3

  • 7 - 8am Gourmet Breakfast at the Resort

  • 9am Nourishing Hatha Yoga at The Pavilion

  • 11:00 Meditation & Reflection

  • 12pm Tasty Lunch at the Resort

  • 2pm Sunset Yoga Hiking in the Red Rocks

  • 5:30pm Free Time to Relax & Dine Out

Day 4:

  • 7 - 8am Gourmet Breakfast at the Resort

  • 9am Nourishing Hatha Yoga at The Pavilion

  • 11:00 Meditation & Reflection

  • 12pm Tasty Lunch at the Resort

  • 2pm Sunset Yoga Hiking in the Red Rocks

  • 5:30pm Free Time to Relax & Dine Out

Day 5:

  • 8am Gourmet Breakfast at the Resort

  • 9am Short Hike w/ Closing Meditation

  • 10:30 Goodbyes (Hugs Welcome :-)

  • 11am Check Out


"This was a heartwarming, soul-filling, delicious (literally), unique, fulfilling, fun retreat with Lance and Amber."

Susan Einhorn,


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If this feels right to you - in your heart and soul - then we welcome your inquiry.  

To get the most from this experience we ask that our guests are serious about their personal growth and bring respect for the sacred practice we share.


Please note that spaces are limited.


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5 Days Yoga + Hiking Retreat 

12/2-6 OR 1/27-31

All Inclusive Rates:

Private King Suite:


Shared Suite for 2:


  • 4 nights stay at The Hilton at Bell Rock

  • Daily Classical Hatha Yoga workshops

  • Daily Yoga Hiking in the Red Rocks

  • Sacred Pranayama (breath work) & Meditation

  • Explore the Best Trails and Vistas in Sedona

  • Delicious Daily Breakfast & Lunch at the ShadowRock Grille

  • Small, Intimate Group of Participants

  • Free Time to Explore Sedona, Book a Massage or Relax.

Create Lasting Change

How quickly can you create powerful, lasting change in your life?  The answer is just a moment.  Thats all it takes to shift the course.  Now, what if you spent 5 days focusing on creating the life & lifestyle of your dreams?

Step out of your routine, your comfort zone.  Awaken your spirit in a new, exotic new land.  Connect with like-minded people who will become your soul family.  Adopt an ancient yoga and meditation practice which will carry you to incredible new heights.

With every action you take, you carve out the path for your life.  We invite you to make the path stunning.

Empower yourself.  You deserve it.

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