Trail in Woods

The Catskills, NY

October 7-11 2021

Upstate NY Yoga & Hiking Retreats

Adventure Awaits

Imagine being whisked away for an immersive 5 day yoga retreat in majestic Catskills of New York.

Rejuvenating Classical Hatha Yoga sessions. Cathartic Breath-Work. Soul-Nourishing Meditation. Amazing Hiking.

Create positive change by immersing yourself in a natural wellness wonderland. Daily traditional Hatha yoga classes hone the body, calm the mind and bring you into alignment with your higher self.

Mindfulness based hiking and forest bathing in the lush, green trails of the Catskills allow for deep stress relase and connection with the earth. Unplug and step into the universe.

Join a small, intimate group of like minded individuals and compassionate, supportive teachers. A plush, 4-star, resort setting allows for total comfort and space for reflection. Delicous health-conscious daily meals are provided to nourish the body, mind and soul.

Join us for for a retreat experience which will leave you charged and inspired to live your best life.

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Breathe in the new you.

You deserve to feel whole, complete and empowered. You deserve to leap over life's challenges with grace and ease.  Through deep intention, careful instruction and these sacred, ancient yoga practices, we will give you the tools.


Our yoga and hiking retreats are special.  We work with a high end, focused group of individuals who recognize the importance of a spiritual practice in their daily life.

Whether you are new to yoga or a lifelong yogi, there has never been a better time to turn the focus inward, connect with your higher self and live your best life.  

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5 Days / 4 Nights Stay at the 4-star Honor's Haven Retreat

Restore your spirits and rekindle your energies in a stunning natural Resort setting. 

A beautiful refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley region, Honor’s Haven is nestled amongst 260 acres of lush gardens and rolling hills, surrounding a freshwater lake at the foot of the Shawangunk Mountain Range.

Bask in harmony with nature as you meditate in the Kiva Garden, walk the labyrinth garden, and explore the mountain trails on your own. Discover secret waterfalls and quiet places to reflect.

Inside, you'll find a high end, 4-star resort with plush suites, beautiful decor and delicious health centered meals.

Transformational Yoga & Breath Work

Dive in to an ancient yoga practice, kept true to its Eastern Roots.  Daily classical Hatha yoga workshops provide the key to unlocking peace, health and serenity.


Move energy and release stress with powerful Pranayama (Breath Work) techniques.  Work through the various systems of the body as you develop a deeper understanding and communication with your inner self.

Each session takes place in grassy gardens, near the private lake.  Dip your toes in the cool grass, listen to the sound of birds and feel deep peace.

Hiking in Forest

Mindful Hiking and Forest Bathing

Explore the surrounding woods of the legendary Catskills mountains. Miles of nearby intersecting trails, beautiful meadows and glorious giant trees.

Immerse your senses in the natural world and let stress fall aways with ease.  Unplug and tune into the harmonic vibration of nature.

Hikes culminate with a gentle, guided outdoor yoga and meditation session amidst the surrounding forest.

*Hiking is designed to be gentle and accessible for all ages and levels.

Compassionate Yoga Teachers

Amber Martinez

Amber is a true teacher's teacher, with over 10 years of experience empowering hundreds of lives with her uniquely reverent approach to the ancient roots of yoga. Teaching privately, she is highly sought after and has worked with the leaders of some of America's most successful companies.  Read Amber's incredible journey here.


Lance Slatter

Lance's passion for spirituality is imbued in his teachings which harness the centering power of nature with the unifying aspects of yoga. Compassionate, gentle and quick to laugh, Lance's yoga hiking sessions deliver lasting spiritual bliss and peace of mind.


I cannot possibly say enough good things about Amber, Lance and Vita Pura Yoga.  Amber's warm and gentle guidance has made her a trusted source for me to help navigate not only the world of yoga but the journey of life itself."


Lauren Alessi, Past Retreat Guest

Meet Your Soul Family

When you undertake the yogic journey, you undertake a journey towards a grand reunion - the reunion of the material self with your spiritual self.  

Embark on this journey towards wholeness with a group of dedicated, like minded peers who have a tendency of becoming family by the trip's end.

We keep our groups small and intimate to facilitate deep, lasting friendships. Come and meet your soul family.


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Begin your journey...

If you this feels right to you - in your heart and soul - then we welcome your inquiry.  

To get the most from this experience we ask that our guests are serious about their personal growth and bring respect for the sacred practice we share.


Please note that spaces are limited.


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5 Days Yoga + Hiking Retreat
Catskills, NY 

October 7-11 2021

All Inclusive Rates:

Private King Suite:


Bring a Friend, Get $400 Each!

Package Includes:

  • 5 Days / 4 nights stay at Honor's Haven Retreat Center

  • Rejuvenating Classical Hatha Yoga Workshops

  • Powerful Pranayama (Breath Work)

  • Beautiful Mountain Setting

  • Guided Mindful Hiking and Forest Yoga

  • Nourishing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Daily

  • Free Time to Relax, Grab a Massage or Reflect

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