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Upstate New York Yoga Retreats

Restore and Heal with 5 Days of Yoga, Breath-Work and Hiking in Upstate New York.

Renew yourself fully with our transformational Upstate New York yoga retreats set in the peaceful seclusion and legendary charm of Saratoga Springs.  


Embark on journey of self discovery through yoga and meditation, bringing yourself into alignment with truth and wellbeing.


Learn masterful Breath-Work techniques to heal the body, calm the mind and connect with spirit. Release past stress and come into the blissful present with beautiful, forest bathing guided hikes.

This yoga retreat is designed not just to heal and nourish, but to send you home walking a path of spiritual purpose and joy.

2024 New York Dates Coming...In the Meanwhile, Check out our Sedona and San Diego Winter Retreats!

We had an amazing Summer and Fall of transformational retreats in Upstate New York. During the colder Winter and Spring months, we focus our energy in the warmer, beautiful climates of Sedona, Az and San Diego Ca.

Check out our luxury 5 day yoga and hiking retreats at either location for a spectacular Winter re-boot.

The only question is, which retreat calls you most?

Check out Sedona Retreats!

Check out San Diego Retreats!


Restore Yourself With Yoga & Hiking in New York

You deserve to feel whole, complete and empowered. You deserve to leap over life's challenges with grace and ease. This retreat provides a powerful catalyst, a launching point for personal transformation.

Are you ready to step into the new you?

At this 5 day, luxury retreat in New York you'll undergo deep personal healing and self transformation through yoga in one of the nation's most beautiful spots.


Here, you'll get the support you need from highly experienced teachers who can guide you into new levels of consciousness. You'll share the new group of friends who become like family.

If you've never been on a retreat before, this the perfect place to take the leap. With so much stress in the world today, there has never been a better time to turn the focus inward and give back to yourself.

Sedona River Yoga-193.jpg

This Yoga & Hiking Retreat is Perfect For You If:

  • You're a successful, busy professional who understands the value of taking time to recharge...

  • You're going through a big life transition (new career, new relationship, etc.) and want to begin this chapter with spiritual alignment...

  • You're experiencing a "Dark night of the soul," a period of change or loss and want discover your peace and purpose once again...

  • You're recently more motivated to shift your life in the direction of health, wellness and spirituality...

  • You're looking for a once in a lifetime retreat in New York, and want to be guided through a unique, luxury transformational journey...

There are some pretty amazing people who take their retreat with us. We welcome participants of all ages but often work with a mature, professional crowd ages 30's - 60's (and even some adventurous 70's!).


The majority of participants are solo travelers, many taking a retreat for their very first time! We also love having couples, and family/friends join who want to deepen their bonds through a shared experience.

There is ONE thing all of our clients have in common: a shared dedication to their self-growth and wellbeing.


You'll find a supportive, fun and nurturing environment here. A big part of our retreat secret sauce is the healing that comes from making powerful connections with the other guests during the journey. 


Retreat Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive!

  • 3pm - Check In

  • 4:15pm - Meet and Greet

  • 4:30-5:30pm - Sunset Stroll & Meditation

  • 5:30pm - Grounding Circle and Intentions

  • 6pm - Settle In & Grab Dinner


Day 2 - Releasing The Past

  • 8am - Fresh Breakfast

  • 9am - Hatha Yoga & Breath Workshop in the Park

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3 - 6pm - Hiking & Yoga @ Saratoga State Park

  • 6:30pm - Free Time to Relax & Dine Out


Day 3 - Living in the Present

  • 8am - Fresh Breakfast

  • 9am - Hatha Yoga & Breath Workshop in the Park

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3 - 6pm - Hiking & Yoga 

  • 6:30pm - Free Time to Relax & Dine Out


Day 4 - Welcoming The New

  • 8am - Fresh Breakfast

  • 9am - Hatha Yoga & Breath Workshop in the Park

  • 12pm - Delicious Lunch

  • 2 - 3pm - Rest, Journaling & Reflection

  • 3 - 5pm - Closing Yoga Workshop

  • 5:30Share Circle & Reflection

  • 6:30pm - Free Time to Relax & Dine Out


Day 5 - Goodbyes :-)

  • 8am - Fresh Breakfast

  • 9am - Last Morning Free Time

  • 10am - Time to Pack

  • 11am - Check Out

*This a Preview Itinerary and is subject to minor seasonal changes, based on weather, etc.

"The retreat was wonderful. Just what I needed to refresh and reset. Lance and Amber were wonderful hosts who always ensured that each of us had everything we needed. The yoga was challenging but not overly difficult and I left with new knowledge and ways to deepen my personal practice. The location was amazing-beautiful views...made hiking each day memorable! Amber and Lance have really created a wonderful experience here for everyone."

- Jennifer

Past Retreat Guest


5 Days / 4 Nights Stay in a Historical Mansion

Inside this Victorian Mansion, you will find classic charm at every turn that harkens back to when design was an art. 


Stay in a large, gorgeously decorated private King room with a fireplace and lush historical charm.

Enjoy a Chef made breakfast and enjoy coffee on the wrap around porch. Take a stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens on your to the private pool


Outside, all the excitement of downtown Saratoga Springs just a short walk away. This is a nourishing boutique experience that will help you feel truly transformed.

Who is Vita Pura Yoga?

Hi! We're a small retreat company built on our passion for yoga and hiking. We host transformational experiences in the most beautiful places across the country.

Heal Yourself With Hatha Yoga in Nature

Dive into an ancient yoga practice that will energize, restore and recharge you to the core of your being.  Daily classical Hatha yoga workshops in nature provide you with the key to unlocking peace, health and serenity in your life.


Move energy and release stress with powerful Pranayama (Breath Work) techniques.  Establish a beautiful ongoing dialog within the self as you learn what your body needs and exactly how to provide it.

Each yoga session will take place in the meadow overlooking a private lake.  Dip your toes in the cool grass, listen to the sound of birds and feel that thing you yearn for...deep, lasting peace.

Hiking in Forest

Explore Magical Forest Trails With Mindful Hiking

Explore the surrounding woods of the legendary Catskills mountains of Upstate New York. Miles of nearby intersecting trails, beautiful meadows and stunning waterfalls.

Immerse your senses in the natural world and let stress fall away with ease.  Unplug and tune into the harmonic vibration of nature, coming into your quiet center.

Daily guided hiking culminates with a gentle, guided outdoor yoga and meditation session amidst the surrounding forest to create total alignment and serenity.

*Hiking is designed to be gentle and accessible for all ages and levels.

Meet The Teachers

Terri Speck

With a unique Western Medicine background and a devoted student of the Iyengar yoga lineage as taught by Rodney Yee, Terri is uniquely able to bridge the gap between West and East. She imbues her practices with grounded science while gently guiding students to open a deeper connection within themselves.


Rich Kreig

Rich's journey into the world of yoga began with his meditation practice, which he developed to find balance amidst the demands of a busy professional career while raising a growing family. As he deepened his practice, he experienced the transformative power of yoga (for him a major career pivot) which ultimately inspired him to share its profound effects with others.


I cannot possibly say enough good things about Vita Pura Yoga.  Their warm and gentle guidance has made her a trusted source for me to help navigate not only the world of yoga but the journey of life itself."


Lauren Alessi, Past Retreat Guest

Discover Amazing New Connections Just Waiting for You

When you undertake the yogic journey, you undertake a journey towards a grand reunion - the reunion of the material self with your spiritual self.  

Embark on this journey towards wholeness with a group of dedicated, like minded peers who have a tendency of becoming family by the trip's end.

We keep our groups small and intimate to facilitate deep, lasting friendships. Come and meet your soul family.


Your Home for the Retreat:

 5 Day Yoga  Retreat In
Saratoga Springs, New York

Oct. 12-16th 2023

Beautiful Private King/Queen


Share a room with a friend, get $500 off each!*

Package Includes:

  • 4 Nights Private Room at the Union Gables Mansion

  • Deeply Restorative Classical Hatha Yoga Workshops in Nature

  • Daily Empowering Pranayama (Breath Work)

  • Beautiful, Outdoor State Park Setting

  • Guided Mindful Hiking and Forest Bathing

  • Gourmet Breakfast + Lunch

  • Powerful Connections with Like Minded Individuals

  • Free time to Relax, Grab a Massage or Explore on Your Own


"This was a much needed escape from the last 18 months of dealing with the pandemic! We were truly relaxed and at several moments, forgot about our worries, anxieties and anything that might have been distracting to our every day lives. We absolutely loved the ambiance and easy nature of the trip. We had a wonderful time with Amber and Lance and the yoga techniques were beyond helpful."


Past Retreat Guest

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