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Ready To Create A Spiritual Group Experience?

Private Group Yoga Events

Arrange The Perfect Yoga Class for Your Group of Any Size In Sedona, Az.

Do you have a large group of friends, family or business partners traveling to Sedona looking a unique experience?


We provide the perfect solution for groups looking to add spiritual relevance to their Sedona vacation.  We will arrange for a privately conducted hatha yoga class just for you and your group.  Our yoga classes are far beyond what most think of as yoga.  We delve into the very soul of Hatha Yoga, exploring the power of the breath to bring stillness to the mind and unity to the body.  


Our sessions are a workshop in compassion and self-care.  Each session lasts a generous 2 hours.


The best part is that you can set this up anywhere - your resort, vacation rental or even outdoors overlooking the red rocks.


For personal growth, team building and spiritual connection, this is quite simply among Sedona's finest group activities available.

"The event was everything we were hoping for...Invigorating & Spiritually Refreshing "

- Gwen Hackett, Ca

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