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Sedona Private Yoga Classes

Get a Magical Yoga Experience Brought Straight to you at Your BnB, or outdoors in the Red Rocks!

Our Sedona Private Yoga classes allow you to create a totally custom, one-of-a-kind healing experience through yoga. 


We'll bring one of our incredible yoga teachers directly to your Airbnb or resort, providing a powerful yet personal private yoga class in the comfort of your own space.

With high-end, authentic Hatha Yoga you'll nourish the body, clear the mind and awaken your soul...

Private Yoga Inquiry

"We had a session with Vita Pura on the deck at our VRBO overlooking Sedona. Our practice was absolutely beautiful.


She made sure to discuss any injuries or concerns with our individuals and then catered our practice accordingly. She was so kind and patient and worked with each person to alter poses for their abilities. Every person in our group had a wonderful experience and we are so grateful for the experience."
- Emily


Set Up A Magical, Custom Yoga Experience in Sedona Just For you

So, you're finally making your dream trip to Sedona a reality. You've heard of the incredible Red Rocks and the powerful vortex energy, and you're ready to make this trip a deeply healing, expansive visit. 

The only question is, how do you do it?

Our private yoga classes provide a powerful and totally unique healing experience. 

Each class is symphony of movement and breath, combining Classical Hatha yoga techniques with modern heart and soul

You'll move energy through the body with cathartic Pranayama (breath-work), release stress with deep asana stretching and connect with the universe in guided meditation.

Work with your own highly trained personal instructor, enjoy the comfort of your own space and sink into a blissful yoga experience

Experience what so many of our students have called the best yoga class of their life.

Get Expert Guidance from Your Own, Personal Yoga Instructor

Have you ever been to a yoga class that moved too fast for you, leaving you feeling playing catch up in frustration? 

The truth is, yoga studio's have to apply a general, one size fits all approach that often doesn't work for students. 

During a private yoga class, you'll have a teacher dedicated to creating the perfect, custom session just for you and your group.

We'll go at your ideal pace and tempo, moving intuitively with your needs. That means that regardless of your age or level of yoga, you'll be able to enjoy the healing benefits of a deep, full practice!

During Private Classes, we take our time, learning about your unique needs to provide the perfect session every time.

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Enjoy A Deeply Healing, Spiritual Experience...Right in the Comfort of Your BnB!

Imagine waking up in your beautiful Sedona BnB, sipping that cuppa tea and stepping outside onto the patio for your very own yoga class.

We make this expansive, spiritual experience easy during your Sedona visit.

We'll bring the session directly to you (anywhere in Sedona), providing mats, blankets, and even lavender scented eye pillows for a luxurious, restorative yoga experience.

Sink deep into meditation with a sound bath of Tibetan Singing Bowls, and relax knowing that you're in the comfort of your own space.

Alternately, we love yoga in nature and can meet you outside for a magical session amidst the Red Rocks.

The only question you have to answer is: Where would you like your yoga session to take place?

What Makes Our Private Yoga Classes So Special?

Going to a studio drop in class is easy and cheap, so you might be wondering, why pay more for a private yoga class?


Here's just a few reasons why we believe a private yoga experience is the best option for those looking to experience the amazing benefits of yoga while in Sedona.

1) Top Quality Yoga:  

While there are some good yoga studios out there, the truth is there are also many studios teaching low quality, "fast food" yoga which has little benefit and, in some cases, can even be quite dangerous.


Our private classes are focused on time-honored, authentic Hatha yoga teachings which are safe and powerfully effective, so you know that you're getting the true teachings.

2) Get The Best Results:  

Private yoga classes are the best and fastest way for students reach their health and wellness goals.


During a private class, you'll be able to focus on exactly your needs and gain a foundational practice that you take home with you - improving your life every day.

3) Enjoy Your Privacy:  

Many of our clients value their privacy and comfort. Rather than being crammed into a hot room full of sweaty strangers, you can enjoy a blissful yoga experience in the comfort of your own BnB, or even meet us outdoors for a magical class in the Red Rocks!


This is especially true for large groups, where the convenience of a home session is so much easier than transporting everyone to a studio.


Still Not Sure? Check Out What Our Past Clients Have to Say

We're incredibly passionate about creating special experiences with yoga. We've seen the immense benefits in our lives, helping us to overcome stress, anxiety and even chronic illnesses.


Now, our mission is to share the gift of this practice with those ready to experience the profound benefits themselves.

We've worked with some amazing clients over the years, sharing in their massive growth, spiritual breakthroughs and deep personal transformation.  

Over 100 5 Star Reviews and Counting...

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Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 3.44.51 PM.png
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"Our private session was so fabulous, we signed up for more! We learned to breathe - and yes, I'm serious about that. We actually learned to breathe in the ways our bodies clamor to do.
We found peace. We laughed. We gained perspective on the way yoga is usually taught and more importantly, that there are better ways to embrace it. We took the practice home.  "

- Patty N. Past Private Student

Your Opportunity to Heal, Grow and Expand!

Uncover the depth of yoga's restorative abilities as you release stress, fear and anxiety, find your quiet center and perhaps even taste the bliss of universal oneness.

Emotional releases are common during a session.  As we move energy through the body with breath, we unlock stored tension and allow a safe space for healing.

We can also customize the class to focus on recovering from longstanding injury, soreness or fatigue for increased health and vitality.


Meet Your Personal Yoga Teachers

One of the best aspects of private lessons is getting dedicated, personal attention from a highly trained yoga teacher. You'll work with one of Sedona's top instructors in an intimate setting so you can heal, grow and expand.

Minyan Zhu

Studying Yoga in conjunction with functional medicine, Qigong, energy work and traditional Chinese medicine Minyan is an accomplished master of many arts. Excited and eager to share these wonderful modalities of self empowerment with seekers of vitality, hope and integration. 


With Minyan's guidance watch as you turn the impossible into the possible, the challenging into the easy, and the easy into the elegant. 


Ethan Seidel

Ethan’s passion for Yoga began back in 2012 when searching for a way to heal his back pain. After years of resigning himself to chronic pain resulting from scoliosis surgery, yoga was a revelation.


Ethan offers a gentle exploration of the body that is accessible for all levels of experience. The synthesis of different yogic styles provides student’s an opportunity to dive into a deeper awareness of their feelings, as well as the subtle energies of the land around them.


Taylor Kurz

Taylor Kurz is a clinical yoga therapist and a student of yoga since 2002.


Taylor deeply believes in the medicine of yoga’s wisdom and honors it also as an opportunity to come home to ourselves, investigate our resistances, integrate them, and purify obstructions that may have once separated us from the realization of our true nature; the innate intelligence of the great mystery that connects us all. 

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Your Private Yoga Class Includes:

  • An immersive, restorative Hatha Yoga class customized for you and your group!

  • Extended 1.5-2hr session so you can reach deep levels of peace and bliss.

  • Your own private instructor who'll bring the class straight to you at your resort or BnB.

  • Everything you need for the session - yoga mats, medicine blankets & eye pillows!

  • Harness and expand your energy with powerful Pranayama (breath-work).

  • Release stress, past trauma, and negative energy and bring in new insight and clarity.

  • Reach internal tranquility with deep guided meditation and Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing.

  • Build bonds with your partner or group as you grow spiritually together.

...All this for the price of average massage, and even less for large groups!

Are You Ready To Launch Yourself Into Peace, Tranquility and Spiritual Attainment?

Sedona has set the stage for your deep personal healing, growth and transformation.


Now, are ready to take the leap?

This is your opportunity to make this far beyond a simple Sedona vacation...


You can make this trip a catalyst, a moment where you forever shifted your life for the better.

I want to book a session, but I have some questions...Contact us here!

"My session wasn't a typical "yoga workout," it was a conversation with my soul through my breath. "
- Dominique N. Past Student


Did You Know: We Offer Luxury Yoga Retreats?

If you're ready to make a full comitment towards your self-realization, join our multi-day yoga & hiking retreats!

Our transformational luxury focus on small, intimate groups, 4-Star resort lodging, delicious meals, daily yoga, meditation and breath-work in the majestic Red Rocks of Sedona so you can reach full expansion!

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