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Sedona Retreats

Spring & Summer 2023 Dates Available!

Luxury Yoga  Retreats

Your Transformation Begins

Are you looking for a Luxury Yoga Retreat to expand, heal and empower yourself?

With high-end resorts, beautiful destinations and an immersive, transformational experience that combines Hatha Yoga with mindful hiking, Vita Pura Yoga retreats are the premium retreat option in the USA.


Discover a luxury Yoga Retreat that not only restores your vitality, but launches you forward in life.

Are you ready to step into a greater version of yourself?




Immersive retreats are held year round in Sedona, San Diego, New York and more.


Retreats last 5 days and include luxury accommodations, high-end meals and a daily journey of Yoga, breath-work and meditation along with hiking in nature.  

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Luxury Yoga Retreats in San Diego, CA

March 2023 Available Now!

Stay at the 4-star Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines resort and enjoy a beach yoga adventure of joy, relaxation and sunshine.

Explore the winding trails of Torrey Pines State Park, bask in 70 degree weather and embrace bliss with yoga on the beach.

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Luxury Yoga Retreats in Sedona, AZ

New Dates For Spring & Summer 2023 Now Available!

Hike and meditate amidst the towering Red sandstone formations that make this "the most beautiful place on earth."

Stay in the luxury, 4 star resort and focus on supercharging your mind, body and soul with Hatha Yoga and Breath Work.

Luxury Yoga Retreats in Charleston, SC

New Retreat!
April 13-17th, 2023

5 Days of heart opening Hatha Yoga and Breath Work set in Charleston, Sc - the most Charming Town in the South.

Explore historical gardens with oak moss and flower blooms as you open your heart and soul through yoga in nature. 

Enjoy mindful hiking and even yoga on the beach!

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Luxury Yoga Retreats in Saratoga Springs, NY

Summer & Fall 2023 Dates Available!

Fresh mineral springs bubble up from 1000 feet below the surface as you release stress and come to center in this enchanted park.

Historical New York charm meets stunning natural beauty as you relax in a Victorian Mansion, hike through lush parks and hone your yoga practice barefoot in the surrounding trails & meadows.

Luxury Yoga Retreats in The Catskills, NY

July 2023

Now Available

Hills of rolling green cascade into lush valleys with streams, waterfalls and hidden lakes in this forest wonderland retreat.

Stay at a magical 300 acre retreat center tucked away in the mountains as we nourish the self and create new healthy lifestyle patterns.

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The Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in The USA

Stunning destinations and high-end resorts with raw, powerful Hatha yoga and hiking combine to make our Luxury Yoga Retreats among the best retreats in the USA. 

Our unique retreat structure allows participants to dive deep within themselves, uncovering hidden truths and greater purpose in their lives in just several immersive days.

Here, you will experience profound self-care, and learn to develop a dialog with your body so that you can HEAL YOURSELF.

With Retreats held year round in the most high energy, magical destinations across the country, you've found your dream escape.

Embark on a journey that is so much more than a simple yoga holiday - it is a complete restoration of the self.


About Vita Pura Yoga


Vita Pura Yoga was born of husband and wife creator's Lance and Amber's passion for Hatha Yoga after they saw incredible healing results in their own lives.

Using a uniquely developed formula of rare, traditional yoga, breath work and mindfulness in nature they have been able to successfully help thousands of students release the past, heal trauma and move forward with greater joy in life.

Having grown from a living room yoga studio to a luxury retreat company that spans across 4 states and hosts dozens of retreats annually, Vita Pura Yoga still maintains the humble heart and soul of family run yoga center.

Come and join the yoga family today!


"There wasn't one second or one thing I did not like about this experience. If you are considering doing something for your physical, mental, or spiritual health, or just for fun...THIS IS THE ONE. It will check all 4 of those boxes.


I went in with expectations of a high-end, relaxing 5 days of yoga and hiking, I left with SOOOO much more than that. Amber is one in a million and radiates everything good, you can feel it from the second you meet her. Lance, her husband, is the PERFECT balance and a phenomenal yoga teacher as well. You can tell he learned under her yet has made it his very own as well. Such a cool experience.


My yoga experience was beginner at best. I feel the way they taught and what they taught gave you the tools to come home and do it on your own which was exactly what I wanted. Will be booking a second retreat with them for 8 months from now.


-Stacy Fox,
Retreat Guest

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