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Sedona Yoga Hiking

Our private, Sedona yoga hiking tours offer visitors and locals alike a chance to experience personal liberation from the bustling modern world by diving into a deeply spiritual yoga practice while immersed in natural beauty.  

Every tour is a professionally guided, transformative hike and hatha yoga class conducted just for you and your group.  This incredible experience takes you to amazing places in Sedona and even more importantly, within yourself.

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"Quite simply...this is the best experience that you will ever want for yoga in Sedona. "

- Ronald Marcin

Yoga Hiking Information

Every yoga hiking experience is unique.  Each journey is an integration of two beautiful things - Classical Hatha Yoga and Sedona's amazing hiking.  Explore the desert landscape, learn about the land and bask in the vortex energy.  Stretch, meditate and breathe to connect to unite the layers of the self into one cohesive whole.  Return completely renewed.

Contact us today to learn about availability for you and your group.  Locations and times vary depending on the seasons and group/individual.  Slots tend to fill up fast, for the best service please book in advance.

Private Tours

  • Every session is privately conducted.
  • We accommodate singles, couples and groups of all sizes.


  • Yoga hiking tours last an average of 3 hrs.

  • Hiking and yoga time is divided equally.


  • Yoga mats are provided.

  • Water and proper hiking gear are a requirement. 

  • Safety above all, respect the environment.


  • $200 for 1 person

  • +$50 per additional guest.

  • Gratuity to the teacher/guide is recommended.

How Our Yoga Hiking Began

It began as something I did for myself. 


For years, whenever I felt stressed or overwhelmed by the demands of the world I would walk into nature and meditate.  The effects that time in nature had on me were incredibly profound.  The stillness of movement, the delicate beauty of sound, the innate tranquility of everything being as it should - all lead to me finding a deep sense of peace and connection with both myself and the world.  


Reconnect With The Great Outdoors

In day to day life we have so much responsibility. 


We become overworked and anxious, we take shallow breaths and rob our minds of much needed oxygen.  We inadvertently trigger our "fight or flight" response system, flooding our body with adrenaline and cortisol.  I realized many years ago that I needed balance from our modern world if I was going to thrive.  So I did as many have done before me - I sought nature, the harmonious perfectly synchronized innate world.

Through that, I discovered myself, and continue to learn more everyday.

Mother Nature is a great giver, and Sedona has a special place among the world's natural environments.  The striking juxtaposition of dramatic red rock formations across a serene high desert valley provide for many incredible vistas.  It has been said that the farther the eye can see, the greater the mind can dream.  For me there is little more inspiring than climbing to one of these magical views and sitting, legs folded into half lotus, letting my mind and spirit soar.

"It’s a must-do experience!"

-Jason Moreno

Take your Spirituality Higher

As my interest and education in yoga grew through years of cooperative practice with my partner Amber I began to experiment with the sacred practice at select, special places in Sedona. 


Some of my favorite spots included stunning points such as Airport Vortex and the serenely feminine Oak Creek Canyon.  I found that my spiritual practice of yoga was dramatically heightened when paired with Sedona's powerful landscape.  My meditations went deeper, my ego was dissolved with ease and the feelings of unity I experienced were beyond parallel.  

When I started sharing yoga hiking with friends in Sedona, the response was as equally profound.  It led me to realize that this is truly sacred medicine.  Something we all innately crave and are aware that we need, even on a sub-conscious level.  


Sedona Yoga Hiking At It's Best

If you find yourself drawn to Sedona, its beauty and mystique, and to yoga, the art of aligning the body with spirit, then I invite you to come join us for an unforgettable experience.

- Lance Slatter

Vita Pura Yoga

"Lance was professional, kind, knowledgeable, and also an amazing photographer / guide / instructor."

-Corey & Willow Walters

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"Hiking and yoga with Lance was superb!"

-Anna Levchuck


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