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Are you looking for a transcendent, once in a lifetime experience with Yoga in Sedona?  Or would you like to deepen your spiritual practice at home with online lessons?


Private Yoga classes with Vita Pura Yoga allow you to immerse yourself in the true powers of the ancient art and science of Hatha Yoga.  Contrary to how it may be practiced in the West, yoga is an incredibly intricate system of self refinement, healing and spiritual attainment.  It is so much more simple stretching.


In a private yoga class you (and your group) will receive detailed, one on one instruction with master teacher Amber Martinez (E-RYT 1000+ Hrs) in three distinct aspects of Hatha Yoga:  Asana (physical movement), Pranayama (breath-work), and Dhyana (Meditation).  

These revered, age old techniques are fused with Amber's modern innovations - gentle, restorative, therapeutic methods which are designed rejuvenate the body and soul.


This wholly unique practice will take you on a journey through the inner dimensions of the self.  The result is a resounding sensation of deep connectivity with both the inner-self and the universe, making daily life an experience of bliss.

Are you ready to take the next step?

"My session wasn't a typical "yoga workout," it was a conversation with my soul through my breath. "

- Dominique Noguera

Single Person Session

If you are traveling to Sedona in search of a profound spiritual experience, than look no further.  Our private yoga classes are a once in a lifetime opportunity to work one on one with a master teacher and dive deep into your inner world.  Restore yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually with a dedicated, therapeutic private yoga class.

Amber will guide you through a profound journey into the heart of your being through breath and movement, showing a path that you can revisit anytime on your own.  Learn about the amazing philosophy of yoga and how it can serve a sort of spiritual compass in your life.


Apart from being inward focused, our sessions are rich with story medicine.  The spoken word and exchange of dialog is an important aspect of the practice.  As you open yourself physically, you will move emotional energy.  Many of our students experience emotional releases during classes that are both liberating and enlightening. 


All you need to bring is comfy clothes and an open mind and heart.  We'll take care of the magic.

Single Person Price ~ $200

Class Duration ~ 2 Hours

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Couples & Partner Yoga

It has been said that for a partnership to remain strong throughout the course of years, the two must grow together spiritually.  If one becomes entrenched in a path of holistic health, the other should not be left behind. Take this chance to strengthen your shared vision as partners.

We work with many couples and partners looking to traverse the yogic path and improve their lives together.  We offer one time classes for travelers to Sedona and our online Yoga Mentorship Packages for couples wanting to begin taking weekly classes together.


Partner yoga is a beautiful shared experience.  You will explore your spirituality and deepen bonds together.  You will have the opportunity to develop philosophically and learn special partner's only stretches that can be applied to your shared practice at home.  

Couples Yoga Price ~ $250

Class Duration ~ 2 Hours

"Amazing couples yoga...we left with a feeling of rejuvenation, fulfillment, and Peace. We Loved our session and are practicing together regularly now!! "

- Denise & Scott Docherty

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Private Groups & Corporate Events

If you are an event organizer or looking to host a private group yoga class then you have found the right place.  Vita Pura's Amber Martinez E-RYT (1000+ Hrs) is highly sought after to teach at private events or work with corporations to improve the wellbeing of the workplace.

  • We work in partnership with many resorts in the greater Sedona area and often conduct private classes in banquet halls for corporate leadership retreats.

  • We also work with many local, privately owned vacation rentals and can set up a beautifully guided private yoga class on site for your group of friends or family.


If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer in a private group yoga class, email us below or give us a quick phone call now.

Group Yoga Pricing:

Small Group Classes (3 - 7) ~ $200 + $50 per person

Groups 7+ ~ Please Inquire Below

Yoga on Deck

What Clients Say:

"I can’t say enough about how deeply impactful Amber’s yoga instruction has been in my life."

This experience formed the foundation for 6 years of intuitive practice, I am still incorporating her teachings and breathing techniques almost every day. Her beauty and brilliance really shines through her teaching style."


~Brianne Mott,

Mendicino, CA

"One of the absolute best, most transformative yoga experiences I've had was in a private session with Amber."

With the right instructor, yoga has the potential to be a wholesome awakening for your entire being. The experience is deep and powerful and I truly wish I lived closer and was able to work with her on a regular basis, because I have searched endlessly to find an instructor with the ability to vibrate the same impact, and am still searching. Amber is truly, truly amazing.”


~Briena Sash

Portland OR


"I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Amber"

You will not find “drive-through” yoga from her, but what you will find is a true master of her craft. And, if you’re fortunate enough to take a series of sessions with her, you’ll walk away with knowing the importance of your breath, balance, stability, strength and how important it is to smile.

~Russell Dehaven,

Sedona, AZ

Online Yoga Mentorships

For dedicated local and long distance students, we offer weekly and monthly class packages which work together as a cohesive yoga therapy program.  When you undertake a Private Yoga Therapy program you are making a powerful commitment to yourself. 


You are declaring your intentions to live a healthier, more focused and purpose driven life.

Through disciplining the physical self and gaining mastery over the mind, one will watch as a cascade of positive change reflects in their outer world. 

We offer 3 different yoga therapy mentorships of varying lengths.  Each program offers a different level of commitment from the student.  Depending on your personal needs and lifestyle we'll design a yoga program custom suited to you.  Learn about each below.


4 Sessions

Receive 4 private, one on one Yoga Therapy sessions with Amber.

Typically conducted over 4 weeks.

  • Each session lasts for 2 hours.
  • Weekly video check-ins.

Pricing:  $750

Empower :

8 Sessions

  • Our most popular package.

  • Receive 8 private, one on one Yoga Therapy sessions with Amber.

  • Each session lasts 2 hours.

  • Weekly video check-ins.

  • Typically conducted over 8 weeks.

Pricing:  $1400


 12 Sessions

  • Receive 12 private, one on one Yoga Therapy sessions with Amber.

  • Each session lasts for 2 hours.

  • Weekly video check-ins.

  • Typically conducted over 12 weeks.

Pricing:  $2000

Your Transformation Begins Here

What are the results one can expect from a Private Yoga Class or Mentorship?  To name a few, one can expect:

  • Renewed physical strength and health.

  • Improved mental processing and self-control.

  • Emotional release and wellbeing.

  • Spiritual connection and a sense of purpose.


Wether you are new to yoga or a long time practicer you will find much to gain here.  In every session you receive detailed, personal attention to the movements and alignment of your own body.  Expert guidance is offered on how to move the breath consciously, cleansing and energizing the cells from the inside out.  Each session concludes with a deep, guided meditation which grounds your sense of peace and rejuvenation.  


Every person is unique, there is no one size fits all program in life.  That is why in private yoga lessons, we take a special look at the individual - your lifestyle and diet, your physical structure and emotional state - we find the areas which can be improved and shine the light of yoga there.


*Private yoga therapy is an excellent compliment to many other Sedona based healing modalities available including:  physical therapy, massage and chiropractic work, and many of our clients work side by side with us while they undergo their personal journey towards wholeness.

Sedona Yoga Vida-397.jpg

"I did a month long series of sessions.  What I ended up with was a whole new appreciation and foundational understanding for the true intention of this work. "

- Russel Dehaven, NYC

Connect With An Incredible Teacher

Transforming your life is not easy.

How would it feel to have a personal mentor, guiding you down a path of wellness through yoga?  With private yoga sessions that is exactly what you receive, and so much more.  You can voice your questions, challenges and releases, and be heard - and be inspired to carry on.

Amber Martinez is renowned Sedona yoga teacher.  She is an RYT with over 1000 hrs teaching, both in studio and privately and has been repeatedly referred to as a "Master Teacher" by her students.


You can read more about Amber's unique journey with yoga here.



Who are our clients?


  • At Vita Pura Yoga we work with many incredible types of people.  Many of our students and clients are visitors to Sedona, looking for a uniquely transformational experience.  Our students and clients include:

    • Professional and successful individuals who understand the power yoga provides in life. 

    • Couples looking for a romantic and spiritually empowering way to connect with each other and themselves. 

    • Groups of friends, family or colleagues who want to deepen their connection to mind, body and soul.

    • Those new to yoga, looking to gain detailed instruction before tackling intimidating studio classes.

    • Business professionals who seek the flexible scheduling and privacy of one on one sessions.

Making Travel Easy:


  • One of the biggest hurdles for large groups of people is always transportation.  Managing multiple cars or even busses can be a headache that keeps people from doing the things they want in Sedona.  We make that easy by traveling to your airbnb rental or resort

  • No worries about coordinating transportation.  The yoga class can be held in your space.


Always Perfect Timing:


  • Vacations are busy.  It’s tough trying to coordinate a jam packed itinerary with everything you want to do in Sedona and limited time.  Trying to find a yoga class in a studio that fits your schedule simply isn’t always there.  Let us take of care that with a private class scheduled for you, at a time conducive to your life. 


No Gear, No Problem:


  • We often get asked about yoga mats.  Not everyone can or wants to pack extra gear along their journey.  Leave your stuff at home: mats, props and eye pillows are included with every session.


Whatever Your Skill Level, You’re Perfect:


  • Another worry of many people is that they aren’t experienced enough, or even flexible enough for yoga.  While this may be a problem in some studio classes, private yoga classes are the perfect solution.  Each session is tailored to your experience level with yoga, whether a beginner or a long time practitioner.