Sedona Private Yoga

Experience the Extraordinary 

Sedona Private Yoga classes allow you to create a special, unique and one of a kind healing yoga experience just for your group. 


We make creating your Sedona yoga class easy by bringing one of our incredible teachers directly to your Airbnb or resort, allowing for a transcendent private yoga class in the comfort of your own space.

Each class is symphony of movement and breath, combining Classical Hatha yoga techniques with modern heart and soul.  Come and experience wellbeing with a yoga session unlike any other.

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The Yoga Experience of a Lifetime

So, you're traveling to Sedona and want an unforgettable spiritual experience. 

Book your very own private yoga class.

Move spirit through the body with cathartic Pranayama (breath work), release stress with deep asana stretching and connect with the universe in profound meditation.

Sink into the experience with extended class times.  Focus on inner healing, group bonding or simply come for deep rejuvenation.

Either way, the result is the same.  As our students often say - "this was the best yoga class of our life"

Specialized Attention

Have you ever been to a yoga class that moved too fast for you?  Or perhaps, you've always wanted to learn how to strike that perfect asana pose.

During a private class, you'll have a teacher dedicated to creating the perfect, custom session just for you.

We'll go at your ideal pace and tempo, moving intuitively with the group.

With a generous 90+ minute timeframe, you can allow yourself to sink fully into the experience.

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You Pick the Location

Imagine waking up in the your beautiful Sedona BnB, sipping that aromatic cup of coffee and stepping outside onto the patio for the your very own yoga class.

We'll bring the session directly to you (anywhere in Sedona), providing mats and everything needed for the class.

Or, if you don't have the right space we'll arrange for something spectacular (pictured).  Just ask for the Pavilion.

"Our private session was so fabulous, we signed up for more! We learned to breathe - and yes, I'm serious about that. We actually learned to breathe in the ways our bodies clamor to do.
We found peace. We laughed. We gained perspective on the way yoga is usually taught and more importantly, that there are better ways to embrace it. We took the practice home.  "

- Patty N. Past Private Student

Remarkable Results

Uncover the depth of yoga's restorative abilities as you release stress, fear and anxiety, find your quiet center and perhaps even taste the bliss of universal oneness.

Emotional releases are common during a session.  As we move energy through the body with breath, we unlock stored tension and allow a safe space for healing.

We can also customize the class to focus on recovering from longstanding injury, soreness or fatigue for increased health and vitality.


Session Highlights

Private Classes

  • Every session is a custom experience just for you.
  • We accommodate singles, couples and groups of all sizes.


  • Extended 90+ minute classes allow total rejuvenation.

  • Explore the full potential of yoga.


  • We bring the teacher + class to you.

  • Yoga mats are provided.


  • $200 for 1 person

  • +$50 per additional guest.

  • Gratuity to the teacher is recommended.

"My session wasn't a typical "yoga workout," it was a conversation with my soul through my breath. "
- Dominique N. Past Student


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