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The Breathe To Freedom Membership

Are you ready to take positive action towards greater physical health, mental wellbeing and spriritual attainment in your life?  

If you're here, you probably know that yoga can be a massively helpful ally on your path to wellness and self realization.  In fact, you've probably been to a few classes, or spent time crawling through youtube for practices... 

...The problem is that with so much yoga out there it has become incredibly difficult to find yoga in its true, authentic form. Its overwhelming! And the worst part, the teachings have become dilluted. Yoga classes push you too hard and too fast, often resulting in injury and sadly - students giving up.

I mean, how many times have you tried to start up a regular yoga practice only to find yourself in this very predicament?  Maybe, you're even one of the rare few who have managed to keep a strong home practice but understand the benifits of following an authentic teacher.

We're here to bring something special your way. A rare, sacred yoga practice - done in the traditional Hatha lineage - that can help you blossom. As you follow these 1000 year old practices you'll watch with with joy as health flourishes, your mindstate evolves and you find yourself living every day with greater purpose and spiritual meaning.

The only question is - are you ready to take the leap for yourself?

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"This sacred yoga practice not only allowed me to launch into vibrant health, connect as a friend with

my own body and

love my life.

It has quite literally

saved my life

many times over.

That is why

I wish to share it

with you."

- Amber Martinez


You Can Take Control of Your Health

I remember thinking at so many various points in my, "why do I feel the way I do?"


I was chronically tired and low on energy, yet I couldn't sleep. I felt periods of exuberant energy followed by intense dips into depression which seemed impossible to escape. I'm sure there are plenty of diagnostics to go with such pairings of conditions. None in which however I would readily prescribe to.

"We're not born with a guidebook or instruction manual for our bodies", as they say... And so when something isn't work properly, it can feel like there's no easy code to figure out what's wrong. This can result in a lot of confusion and frustation regarding our sacred systems.  Amazingly, many of us  may go through our entire lives only learning a small fraction of how to care for, heal and utilize our amazing bodies/minds.

For years, I thankfully had yoga as a trusted ally in throughout my life and healing processes. It was always there to help me regain stability and harmony through self-regulation. But it wasn't until I learned true, authentic Classical Hatha Yoga that I realized the great potential of this ancient science and medicine.

Yoga gives us the ability to cure what can be healed, and to endure what cannot be cured.

It is the sacred instruction manual to self-realization, that which teaches us to truly know our bodies and minds - and the truth of deeper, cosmic nature.

But you will not find this in most yoga studios today. Instead, you will find a "work-out" practice that may give you a good sweat, but misses the deeper, more powerful aspects of yoga medicine almost entirely.

In this membership - for the first time ever - I will be making my entire practice available to you at home. Follow along, join me on this journey and together we will discover just how incredible (and easy!) yoga can be. And also, how we can best incorperate these fundamental methods in to our daily life practices without our yoga practice being seperate from the rest of our lives. But rather, something which is seemlessly infused in to the core of our existence. 

"We learned to breathe - and yes, I'm serious about that. We actually learned to breathe in the ways our bodies clamor to do. We found peace. We laughed. We gained perspective on the way yoga is usually taught and more importantly, that there are better ways to embrace it. We took the practice home."

- Patty N. Past Student


Making Traditional Yoga & BreathWork Easy - So You Can Flourish

If you're trying modern yoga in a studio, or searching endlessly for fluff videos on youtube - your yogic journey (and path to wellness) can feel long and cumbersome. You might even question if any of it is actually working at all.

It is hugely - vitally - important that you find a properly trainded teacher in authentic, traditional yoga if you would like to explore the immense benifits of this practice. 

With this membership we're inviting you into a secret world of yoga, where your asana practice is just the beginning. Follow along with me as I take you through the limitless depth of Hatha Yoga with practices specially designed to cover many aspects of physical health so your body can be free of pain.

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