Charleston, SC

March 24 - 28th

Luxury Yoga & Hiking Retreats

Transformation Begins Here

Join one of our next immersive Yoga and Hiking Retreats in 2021 or 2022.  Explore incredible locations across the country.  Rejuvenate with all inclusive packages at luxurious resorts in Sedona, San Diego, New York and Charleston.  Experience an empowering Yoga, Hiking and Breath Work Retreat that restores your vitality and ignites your soul.


A stunning world of magic and wonder awaits.

Upcoming Retreats:

Yoga, Hiking & Breath Retreat in Charleston, SC

March 24 - 28th, 2022 (New Retreat!)

5 Days of heart opening Hatha Yoga and Breath Work set in the most Charming Town in the South.

Explore historical gardens with oak moss and flower blooms with mindful hiking and even yoga on the beach.

5 Days From $2500

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Yoga, Hiking & Breath Retreat in Sedona, AZ

December 2-6 (SOLD Out)
January 27-31 (
2 Spots Left!)

Hike and meditate amidst the towering Red sandstone formations that make this "the most beautiful place on earth."

Stay in the luxury, 4 star resort and focus on supercharging your mind, body and soul with Hatha Yoga and Breath Work.

5 Days From $2749

Yoga, Hiking & Breath Retreat in San Diego, CA

December 16-20
January 6-10
Sold Out!)

Perched high above the Southern California coastline, we dive deep for this rejuvenating yoga retreat adventure.

Explore the winding trails of Torrey Pines State Park, bask in 70 degree sunshine and embrace bliss with yoga on the beach.

5 Days From $2499

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Yoga, Hiking & Breath Retreat in Saratoga Springs, NY

Summer & Fall 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

Fresh mineral springs bubble up from 1000 feet below the surface as you release stress and come to center in this enchanted park.

Historical New York charm meets stunning natural beauty as we stay at the 4-star Gideon Putnam resort, and develop our yoga practice barefoot in the surrounding meadows.

3 Days From $1499

Yoga, Hiking & Breath Retreat in The Catskills, NY

Summer 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

Hills of rolling green cascade into lush valleys with streams, waterfalls and hidden lakes in this forest wonderland retreat.

Stay at a magical 300 acre retreat center tucked away in the mountains as we nourish the self and create new healthy lifestyle patterns.

5 Days From $2499

Mountains Meet Lake

"The Clearest Path To The Universe Is Through A Forest Wilderness"
-John Muir