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Your Journey with Yoga Has Just Begun

Hello dear friend!


Wow, if you're here on this page it is because you've recently concluded one of our transformational yoga retreats!

Coming back home from retreat can be....a challenge sometimes. There's no easy way around it. You go from spiritual bliss back to laundry again.  But this is both the beauty and challenge of life!

To bring your full presence into every moment. In this way, even simple household tasks can become blissfully rewarding.

Let's take a deep breath together, reflecting for a moment on your experience. Close your eyes and bring yourself fully back into the retreat. Was there a special moment that feel immense gratitude for? Tap into that energy so that you can feel permeating your being.


Now, please enjoy this 20 minute practice video to get you right back to your peaceful, empowered center.

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